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More than just a story: What if Esther was not just a woman in history, but a part of your soul, and Mordechai was the other part?

The Story of Purim

The Story of Purim

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Moshe Philadelphia, PA February 10, 2010

Megillat Esther Regarding the level of G-dliness that is above goodness, good and bad, right and wrong, Mordechai or Haman: from that place, G-d chose us, and that's the real Purim celebration.
Hopefully, we'll all celebrate that concept this Purim. Reply

Moshe Philadelphia, PA February 10, 2010

Megillat Esther
Rising above right and wrong, good and bad, is obviously rising above goodness itself. There is a level of G-dliness that reaches this point above goodness. In general, we know that G-dliness is goodness, but in the essence of G-dliness there is "only" G-dliness. Reply

Jacqueline Brunger Cirencester, Glos/UK March 5, 2009

Purim Could this be why I feel so confused as I am trying to teach and dont feel right doing it - not sure what level i should be at. Reply

Elaine Milwaukee, WI March 18, 2008

Purim Thank you so much
This helped me realize that I might just be OK at the level I was at because you were so right when you said that when you try to be at a higher lever you just might stop doing mitzvots. It was just so beautiful to listen to this,I had tears in my eyes at the end. Reply

Scott Fort Worth, Tx February 15, 2007

Purim Rabbi Manis Friedman great teaching on Purim. I look forward to more postings. Reply