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What Souls Talk About

What Souls Talk About

A chassidic tale on two approaches to life


What Souls Talk About: A chassidic tale on two approaches to life

Stories; Storytelling, Soul, Mitzvah, Joy of a Mitzvah, Tzitzit
Rabbi Yossy Gordon was born in Worcester, Mass., and serves as Executive Vice President of the Chabad on Campus International. Rabbi Gordon makes his home in Miami Beach, Fla., with his wife, Rochel, and their six children.
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Menachem Posner November 28, 2016

RE: "al kiddush Hashem" The statement does not provide a reason for the death, which is the product of sheer evil. Rather, it expresses that this Jewish person went to his death in a noble, holy manner, at one with G-d and His Torah. Reply

Anonymous NY, NY November 23, 2016

"al kiddush Hashem" Seems to be a terrible way to describe why a person was murdered by the Nazis. Why would Hashem want us to believe that when a Nazi murdered someone, it happened as if it were a prayer/blessing to Hashem. Sure hope that I got this wrong ! Reply

Anonymous NYC, USA November 23, 2016

Accentuate the positive Rabbi Gordon's tale ends with "chazak" or strong.
To remain strong thru one horrible vicissitude after another...if HaShem would only give me a tiny clue as to when I will be able to greet the new day with a smile that erases all the messes that my life is and has been......My prayers don't seem to "do the trick". Any suggestons ? Reply

M Ric Australia November 23, 2016

Thank you! Thank you for the kind message Rabbi! Reply

hadassah love USA November 19, 2016

beautiful message this is amazing, thank you
shabbat shalom Reply

Alicia MADRID November 18, 2016

That is true: this world is so expensive for good people.... ;)
It is much cheaper doing the wrong things as many other people who is immediatelly rewarded, but G-d is watching and the way is long.
Shabat Shalom. Reply

Cheryl Freewalt Ohio November 17, 2016

Thank You This is a simple, but profound story. I will remember it and share it with my children and grandchildren. Thank you! Reply

Dee Ca. November 16, 2016

I Like. Also I like the way he presents.
Nice Rabbi. Reply

Alan Klein New Jersey November 16, 2016

Rabbi: Thank you for your positive message. It's a good way to start the day. Reply

myrna solganick middleton November 15, 2016

I love this. Reply

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