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How Many Colors in a Rainbow

A short insight on Parshat Noach


How Many Colors in a Rainbow: A short insight on Parshat Noach

Ever wonder what a rainbow really is? Here's what the rainbow teaches us about making our world a better, more colorful place.
Noach, Rainbow

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adele mandagie jakarta November 1, 2016

Thank you for the rainbow topic. I would for sure like to become a rainbow for others; meaning that I am not self centered anymore. I like bringing sunshine to others, especially theclight. May I know how many colours there are in a rainbow. I once aftercteaching saw a rainbow which was very thick and so close as if i could touch it. I stopped my car and gazed after it. It took about a minute to vanish gradually. This was,a few years back. Be blessed. Adele/Jakarta Reply

Erika Kish B.C. CN. November 1, 2016

Chana listening to your inspiring words , is so healing to the Soul , the beautiful music in the Background touches the heart . Teaching in your poetic words is Showing us Hashem in his loving kindness , filling the soul,with such joy bringing us Closer to him.
Thank you Chana and I so hope you will bring more of your poetic and all inspiring Words To us in the future . Reply

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