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The Secret of the Month of Elul

The Secret of the Month of Elul

Maximize the Season of Divine Mercy


The Secret of the Month of Elul: Maximize the Season of Divine Mercy

Elul, Thirteen Attributes of Mercy
Yisroel Glick is a writer, researcher, and student of Torah and of life. After receiving a degree in biomedical science and rabbinic ordination, he traveled across the US serving the needs of Jews living in regional communities with limited spiritual infrastructure. He now lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two children, and is passionate about the power of information and committed to providing it in a way that empowers people.
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Anonymous August 22, 2017

Rabbi, Glick, I enjoyed this, thanks! Reply

Dan September 18, 2016

Inside? Does the Creator have a place "deep down inside"? Humans have a "deep down inside" because they have an "outside" (a body); so wouldn't that be like saying the Creator had an "outside" (something corresponding to what, in a human, is a "body")? Reply

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