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Male and Female Attributes

The Kabbalah of Marriage


Male and Female Attributes: The Kabbalah of Marriage

Understanding the different soul characteristics of men and women is key to better relationships.
Marriage, Men & Women

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Alan McLemore Beaumont July 4, 2016

The Short-Tempered One. That's what I thought, but was not sure.

Thank you Rabbi ~a Reply

Rabbi Plotkin Markham, Ontario July 1, 2016

Z"A is a hebrew abbreviation for Zeir Anpin which is code for the masculine aspect of the divine. Reply

Alan McLemore Beaumont June 30, 2016

Question re. terminology In this clip the Rabbi kept mentioning something that sounded like "Zah" in reference to the male force, and Malchus for the female.

I know what Malchut (the Shekhinah) is, but what is "Zah"? Is this "Ze'ir", as in Ze'ir Anpin? Or a non-sefirotic reference of some sort?

Thanks! Am enjoying the lectures ~a Reply

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