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Concluding scientific postscript to the significance of the ever-expanding Jewish Library.

Lesson 10. Conclusion

Lesson 10. Conclusion

Scroll Down - Part 10

Topics: Torah, Torah Books
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Discussion (58)
December 23, 2016
Systematic approach to reading?
Dear Sergey,

I honestly think that the best way to approach what to read first and second and so on is precisely an *unsystematic* way.

The Torah itself, and likewise the Talmud, are not overtly systematic. In this way they imitate life. Children pick up language and knowledge in bits and pieces, and that's a good way to do things. That's how Rabbi Akiva picked up his Torah knowledge, organizing it all in his head after it was stored away in there.

So I suggest that the best approach to the Torah library should resemble the common approach to a giant dessert table: Taste and much on what strikes your fancy!
Michael Chighel
December 22, 2016
You know I can read
On Rosh Chodesh I need to start this practice and from there ,well, only the mazal will guide my learning. Great class B'H
Richard Raff
December 21, 2016
Wonderful, wonderful course. I learned so much from this course. I hope you make more course. Thank you for you enthusiasm, creativity and hard-work.
October 5, 2016
Where to start? (Million of thanks for the course)
I was and I am inspired to read, by I am lost after two years to non-systematized reading. Reading from the very beginning does not work and I cannot really find a source. Please, advise what should I start from?

Yes, I didn't have any Jewish education but still believe, it is never late to start.

Many thanks for the course, I want more.
Sergey Shevchuk
September 7, 2016
Please, please make more courses like these. The classes were enjoyable, incredibly informative, and very well done. Dr. Chigal was a superb teacher. Please do identical format on, say, Breshit or Talmud. Love them!
Tim R
Muncie, IN
September 5, 2016
Thank you, for these wonderful lessons, I have learned so much and had so much fun watching and listening. Again thank you and God bless you!
August 24, 2016
Hello Dr. Chigel! As you know I wrote down before I am so glad to encounter this kind of teachings! I read in a response that you are going to develope a course for jewish history... when is it? Where can I be informed about it? Thank you!
August 18, 2016
What a great service you are doing... Great sense of humor too... very engaging and informative... THANK YOU!
Sara Rockoff
Canoga Park
August 11, 2016
Thank You
Thank You it was very refreshing and entertaining whilst learning
Ann Levit
Sydenham, Jhb., South Africa
August 10, 2016
Thank you. We want more... please
Judy Freedman
Hashmonaim, Israel
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Scroll Down is designed to initiate auditors into a first acquaintance with the Torah and with Jewish history and ideas. The video lessons are presented at an introductory level of Jewish Studies at college.
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