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The first half of the last millennium (1000–1500) saw an explosion in Jewish literacy in many fields: Kabbalah, philosophy, biblical commentary, poetry, and most notably the great codifications of Halachah (Jewish Law). How did these great Codes originate?

Lesson 8. All Set: The Codification of Jewish Law

Lesson 8. All Set: The Codification of Jewish Law

Scroll Down - Part 8

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Michael Chighel Jerusalem August 1, 2016

Dear Robert,

If these video lessons have somehow goaded you into putting on Tefillin, well then, they have achieved their innermost purpose, a purpose that I might not have dared to express openly if you had not boldly mentioned it.

All these lessons are all about books. Books are full of words. Words are the basic atomic elements that G-d used to create the world. And Tefillin represents the sublime and delicious opportunity that G-d has granted us to wrap our bodies in His words. Literally. Literally.

Yashar Koach! May your commitment grow "from strength to strength"! Reply

Robert Glessner Leawood KS July 25, 2016

These classes have had a profound effect on me. This voice inside of me said to me it is time to put on Tefillin. This began about a week ago. Finally the voice grew loud and said do it now. I did this last Tuesday at the Local Chabad house. This changed my entire being. Tefillin had a profound effect on me. These classes have led me into a deep study of the Mishneh Torah and the Tanya. This actually began in November 2015. Thank you and G-d bless you Rabbi and Doctor Chighel. My Hebrew is bad but I am learning. Reply

Rhea Bonsey July 23, 2016

Where does Onkelos fit in to this? And the Vilna Gaon? Or am I getting ahead of myself? Reply

George קאליפורניה July 23, 2016

This was more than my brain can assimilate!
I see the bottom line seems to be that there are lots of ways to be a good Jew.
It's like you can be from the family of Asher, Judah, Ephraim, or Sphardic, or Ashkenazi,...
Small differences don't seem to be that important. Reply

Anonymous Arizona July 22, 2016

I love this series! I just recently began studying theTorah and these videos are helping so much ! Reply

simcha frankel Los Angeles July 22, 2016

I am enjoying and learning at the same time. Using video, humor, computer technology and more, I feel immersed in the sea of understanding the Masora, tradition. Thank you Reply

Michael Chighel Jerusalem July 21, 2016

Dear Ron,

Your great question regarding the need for chasidism runs deep. I highly recommend starting your search for an answer in a short text by the Lubavitcher Rebbe known as "On the Essence of Chasidus." Here is a link to the text: Reply

Frank Chicago, IL July 21, 2016

Were there any rabbis in past generations that were against animal sacrifice? If so, what were their names? Reply

Frank Chicago, IL July 21, 2016

What was the rambam's take on animal sacrifice? Was he for it or against it? Reply

Anonymous nairobi July 21, 2016

wow,just wow.. Reply

Jen Texas July 20, 2016

Again, Thank you. Reply

Levi Rapoport NY July 20, 2016

Amara'im may not argue on Ta'ana'im because ANY ruling in the Mishna might be a Halacha L'moshe M'sinai; an oral tradition directly from G-d to Moses. See Jerusalem Talmud, Pe'ah 2:6. Reply

Judy Israel July 20, 2016

This was definitely one of the best. Or maybe they just keep on getting better... Reply

Richard Raff July 20, 2016

A Riff of great inspiration Reply

Menachem Chicago July 20, 2016

The best class yet. Packed with info and other goodies. Reply

Philomena Blackpool July 20, 2016

Excellent series. Entertaining and interesting. Thank you so much. Reply

Ron Fleitman Thailand July 20, 2016

Why do we need chasidism?
It came into being in the 18th common century.
What was wrong with orthodox-ism up to then? Reply

Alan McLemore Beaumont July 19, 2016

No. "Einstein's relativity". It would be more like "Bohr's quantum mechanics"; Bohr and Einstein argued over critical theoretical points, with Bohr taking the pro-QM position, Einstein the anti... Reply

Anonymous July 19, 2016

This is a truly excellent video and series. Thank you so much for posting these! Reply

Anonymous Miami July 19, 2016

I really look forward to Tuesday nights thank you for these lessons Reply

Scroll Down is designed to initiate auditors into a first acquaintance with the Torah and with Jewish history and ideas. The video lessons are presented at an introductory level of Jewish Studies at college.
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