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Who decided which texts belonged to the biblical canon and which texts did not belong? The Oral Torah during the early, pre-mishnaic periods.

Lesson 5. The Great Assembly and the Pharisees

Lesson 5. The Great Assembly and the Pharisees

Scroll Down - Part 5


Lesson 5. The Great Assembly and the Pharisees: Scroll Down - Part 5

Who decided which texts belonged to the biblical canon and which texts did not belong? The Oral Torah during the early, pre-mishnaic periods.
Men of the Great Assembly, Torah, Torah Books, Yavneh, Johanan ben Zakkai, Rabbi
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Rev Chris Evans San Jose July 29, 2016

A Baptist appreciation As a Southern Baptist, I'm finding your studies fascinating . Having just finished the segment on the Pharisees, I learned so much concerning the transition (put simply)from people of the temple, to people of the Torah - and its study. You engaging style and colorful lectures are a blessing! Reply

Patrick Brennan July 12, 2016

@Primo Levi
Thank you for your contribution. I am anxious to learn. Reply

Levi Rapoport NY July 9, 2016

attn Primo Levi Incorrect. The Men of the great assembly were traditional Jewsish sages such as Ezra, Mordachai (from the Purim story) and the prophets Zecharia Malachi. See Maimonides introduction to his Mishna Torah. Reply

Michael Chighel Jerusalem July 7, 2016

Beggerman ... Beggars are just fine, G-d bless them. It's what comes after them that's not fine: thieves. Reply

IBentley Princeton, NJ July 6, 2016

You said a beggar can not study Torah, unless I misunderstood. What is the reason for that?
Thank you. Reply

inge reisinger zwickau July 5, 2016

yes thank you again this lessons give a good picture of jewish life in history Reply

Patricia Baker Raeford, NC July 5, 2016

Now on Lesson #5 Great Assembly and the Pharisees How does one thank you, well thank you again. I love this and hope you continue. Will look next week for the next episode. It's the holidays, but I shall return. Reply

Ivana Levi Serbia July 5, 2016

Amazing Thank you so much, looking forward to every lesson. Reply

Linda Sponenburgh FL July 4, 2016

Another brilliant class You stated that the study of Torah is a passion. I agree! Torah study consumes your waking thoughts. I love it. Thank you for this wonderful class. Reply

Patricia Baker Raeford, NC July 3, 2016

Now on Lesson #5 Great Assembly and the Pharisees Must come back to your next wonderful episode. Thanks Reply

Dovid K. Chicago, Illinois July 3, 2016

A Fantastic Torah Presentation Thank you so so much Rabbi Chighel for your fantastic Torah Presentation. I can clearly see from your presentation that you are a very big Talmud Chochom- Torah Scholar. I can truly say that judging by this and all of your other "Scroll Down" Torah Presentations you are creating a wealth of knowledge of our precious Torah, both the Written Torah, but, ESPECIALLY the Oral Torah. HaShem should bless you with much continued success and many many very healthy and happy long years!!! Reply

Primo Levi July 2, 2016

Pharisees, Saducees and Christians @Patrick Brfennan
You have to remember, these videos are made with the perspective of, and heavy bias for the Pharisee tradition.
If you want to know Jewish history from the perspective of the Saducee you'll have to a Saducee.
I will give the rabbi partial credit for acknowledging that there were no Pharisees at the Great Assembly. But he falls short of pointing out that the "sages" of the Great Assembly are all Saducees.
He also illustrated the conflict that the pharisees are the "beggermen" not allowed to argue Torah. But that does not stop them from talking.....a lot, which he also points out. Reply

Robert Glessner Leawood KS June 30, 2016

The Great Assembly One again Doctor Chighel my mind is blown. This class is like catching lightening in a bottle. Thank you for sharing this key point that during the Roman Destruction of the second Temple in 70 AD one of the leading sage at the time Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakkai made a deal with the Roman General Vespasian to spare the City of Yavne and its sages. Vespasian agreed. Yavne was the Jewish learning center of the time. Rabbi Ben Zakkai realized through Ruach HaKodesh that Jewish political, cultural, and religious existence came to an end for a time. G-d showed Rabbi Zakkai the only way Judaism could survive is as a reading culture. Reply

James Russell Cambridge, MA June 30, 2016

Thanks Once again, a brilliant lesson from a man I am coming greatly to like and admire> I wish I were a kid again & he was my Talmud Torah teacher! Many thanks to Chabad and to Rav Chighel. Reply

ג׳ורג ווייטהמאייר קליפורניה June 30, 2016

תודה Thank you for taking the time to teach. Thank you for making the lessons so interesting. I am learning. Sometimes - and this is better than college - I go back and listen again, just in case the funnel was filled too quickly.
טוב מאוד, תודה רבה Reply

Moshe Australia June 30, 2016

thank you informative, concise, engaging (I confess, I laughed out loud a couple of times)
I look forward to watching other episodes. Reply

Alicia Madrid June 30, 2016

Passion for Torah learning Shalom. That is one very important characteristic that distinguishes Judaism from anything else: passion in study and learning. Reply

Patrick Brfennan Marquette, MI USA June 29, 2016

Pharisees, Saducees and Christians Thank you once more, Rabbi.

I had expected more on Pharisees, given the title of this segment, and I do wonder to what extent the writings of Paul and other early Christian apologists affected - and were affected by - what might be described as the Jewish "Establishment" of the Pharisaic era.

Respectfully... Reply

Sam Israel June 29, 2016

Thanks for the interesting summary Enjoy those every week Reply

Anonymous Houston, TX June 28, 2016

PDF for Torah from Sinai diagram Dr. Chighel,

Thanks so much for the lessons. Do you have a PDF available for the Torah from Sinai diagram used in the earlier classes? I used the link in the earlier video, but it doesn't print well. Reply

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