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Is a bowl of lentil soup worth selling your birthright for? Find out in this really funny video some guys made!

Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup

Toldot Parshah Report

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Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY April 4, 2016

Strange recipe, Jonathon. How does it taste? Reply

super fan November 17, 2014

do you like?it well i like it! Reply

Reuven ben Moshe Lehigh Valley PA May 8, 2013

I looked on the Kehot Bookstore site, and I could not find the whoopee cushion you mentioned in this episode. Keeping soup in mind, I figured it must be out of stock.
You are two funny boychiks--and you're educational! Reply

rapt1450 lego January 10, 2013

is the soup good? is it made up? Reply

chaya D. panama November 30, 2012

i love this show!! specially jono who really makes me laugh! keep up the great work!! Reply

Anonymous chicago, IL USA November 29, 2011

this is so funny! wow such a smart way to teach torah! Reply

annonymous ottawa, Canada November 24, 2011

Who knew selling your birth right could be so delicious? Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, U.S.A November 2, 2010

This show is Awesome!!! thank you so much! its great to learn jewish ideas in such a fun way! Reply

Michelle Andre cc, fl November 1, 2010

Your my kind of guy Jono! I understand where you are comming from! Keep up the great work! Oh Rabbi without Jono's intellect problems wouldn't be solved! He is the best! lol ; ) He makes me smile! Reply

levi tiechtel champaign, illinois March 10, 2010

I never got a turn to taste the soup but it sounds soundelicous!!!!!!!! Reply

Chaya Bigelman Tucson, AZ November 1, 2009

Jono, I tried your lentil soup out, it was DELICOUS!!!!!! Thanks a lot for the recipie!!
But the problem is that I am the oldest one.. So yes.. LOL! Reply

Aaron Reid bushey, england February 20, 2006

realy funny Reply

Malka via January 5, 2006

Excuse me, but i was told to send my angry letter here. I made the soup, but my brother won't send his birthright. WAH! Reply

peretz tabor england November 28, 2005

Many thanks for this great section.It makes teaching the Parsha a real joy!
Never change Reply

Yermi November 27, 2005

That was, as usual, a great report, but is that lentil recipe real? I actually have been looking for a good recipe, can i make this one?

Thanks, and now that we got the birthright we better use it..! Keep on blessin'! Reply