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Did Abraham and Sarah live on the Lower East Side down the street from Jono's favorite Pizza Stand? Find out in this exciting episode of the Parshah Report!

Sarah Redux

Sarah Redux

Chayei Sarah Parshah Report

Topics: Chayei Sarah
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Discussion (14)
April 28, 2016
So cute!
Chana Goldstein
Monsey, NY
March 20, 2016
this is halirius
I love the ads/news flashes they crack me up and i love the whole episode
November 13, 2014
i like it?
March 17, 2011
Woodbridge, CT
October 29, 2010
Sarah and Abraham
i'm so glad i'm on your e-mail list. ...
very cute and clever. it looked like the east side to me.
nyc, ny
October 25, 2010
chayei Sarah
i love it
G-d bless you
paris, france
November 21, 2008
LOL! Very funny! Keep up the great work!!!
Chaya Marrus
San Antonio, Texas
November 16, 2008
Great Fun! Thanks to Dovid Taub! Yasher Koach!
London, England
November 2, 2007
I love it!
As always, hilarious! Keep up the great work!
Erika Perez
Tampa, FL
April 27, 2006
Kids Zone
The kids in my English speaking gan look forward to your program each day.

We take learning from the computer right into their conversations and play.

We are so fortunate to live in such a holy environment here in the old city of Tzfat, and the new fresh approaches you introduce beautifully blend our past, present and future.

Thank you.
Tzfat, Israel
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