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Looking for G-d in Central Park

Vayeira Parshah Report


Looking for G-d in Central Park: Vayeira Parshah Report

Why is Gefilte Fish tied to a tree in Central Park? Find out in this exclusive news report for Parshat Vayeira!

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John Boyega The set of Star Wars October 13, 2017

The stuff at the bottom of the screen is sooooooooooo funny. Period. Reply

Anonymous November 7, 2014

not funny Reply

Anonymous Austin, TX October 19, 2013

Funny LOL this is super duper funny! Reply

joshua alaska April 3, 2013

jew funny ha ha Reply

Anonymous Great Neck, NY via October 23, 2009

I love Itche Kadoozy If you never saw Itche Kadoozy watch it now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

raffi myrtle beach , sc September 22, 2009

awesome great Reply

Nechama Engel Melbourne, Australia September 16, 2007

this is the funniest thing i have ever seen in my entire life! and i have seen many funny things in my life but this is the funniest!
hope you can do it every week! Reply

Hodakov Girls Palm Harbor, Fl via November 8, 2006

We Love Itche Kadoozy Keep up the great work! Reply

Sammy LONDON, UK March 8, 2006

Looking for G-d in Central Park That was silly, that gefilte p. fish was tied up on a tree. That parshah report was the most fun and funniest parshah report I've ever seen in the Itche Kadoozi shows. Reply

Lisa Atlanta, TX November 17, 2005

Looking for G-d in Central Park This is FUNNY! Humor is such a good teaching tool....keep up the super work and hope to see another one very soon! Reply

Anonymous Budapest, Hungary November 15, 2005

I hope you guys could do it every week!

Dena Korer November 14, 2005

Great New Series!
Now with Jono and Itche on the loose - the sky's the limit! Hey - why don't you do a series set in space ??
Parsha's Kewl Again! Reply

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