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Do we believe in the magical powers? Do Ghosts and Goblins really exist? If they do, can their powers be harnessed in a Kosher way?

Kabbalah On Witchcraft

Kabbalah On Witchcraft


Kabbalah On Witchcraft

Do we believe in the magical powers? Do Ghosts and Goblins really exist? If they do, can their powers be harnessed in a Kosher way?
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Jill Australia January 18, 2017

I just do not understand... Reply

Jonathan partida 90201 November 18, 2016

Sorry if my words were kind of rough. But it's like when someone tells you a great story it gets really exciting and stops right before the ending. now I have to know kind of thing. If this is how you make people hungry for Torah rabbi I'm starving for the way you teach it. cheers.

Jonathan November 17, 2016

If they don't have power over you if you don't let them & the mizvot gives one a certain degree of protection (due to its purifying effects probably) then it would logically follow according to the statements and colleated data you have explicated that one would have enough spiritual force to eject them in the name of Hashem or create a sort of purity force field ?

As a motivating factor, when Nebuchadnezzar took all the smartest Jews from Jerusalem those that were left behind were worshipping idols in the absence of the intellectual leadership of Israel highlighting the importance of rabbi to elaborate on spiritual matters especially those that might be options in the absence of your help. Today there are Jews in the middle east where the intellectual leadership may not be so mobile and those Jews can be saved from receding into spiritual darkness, cultural impoverishment and assimilation.If you catch yourself saying you don't know several times maybe you should its a mivzot. :) Reply

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan Thornhill November 16, 2016

Responding to Jonathan: I don't know. I'm not really an expert by any stretch. I did some research, collated, developed and shared the information. And I happen to have been involved in an episode without really knowing what I did… Sorry I can't be of more help Reply

Jonathan partida 90201 November 15, 2016

So someone can depossess themselves by putting one's foot down?

And what is that process of cleansing called? Reply

Melissa Fort Kent, Maine June 6, 2016

Kabbalah on Witchcraft Thank you for this, Rabbi Kaplan. It is a wonderful teaching. There are some aspects that have happened and have more power than you suggest here, but I loved the story of the exorcism. I sought this lecture out because I was worried about something, and this has calmed me down considerably. Reply

Anonymous USA July 20, 2013

Question How did Kabbalah become connected with the occult? It is used a lot within mysticism and the occult, so how did that develop? Reply

David Scottsdale, AZ May 22, 2013

Blessings and Curses Rabbi,
Balak wanted Balaam to curse, and I think King David was cursed. We can command out the evil entity in the name of Hashem, how do remove a curse? Same way? Reply

Yisroel Cotlar Cary, NC July 27, 2012

Re: We are all not tzadikim. What is important is that we are always growing, never feel satisfied with one's spiritual state. Hashem gets incredible pride from this journey, from overcoming our obstacles.

As mentioned in the class, our task is not to focus on such negative thoughts. We are taught the importance of trust in G-d and optimism, "Think good and it will be good," as the Chassidic Masters have taught. You are to banish all negative thoughts or feelings that you are cursed from your mind.

Do you have kosher Mezuzos on all your doors? Have they been checked recently? Reply

Anonymous Anniston, AL July 20, 2012

Knowing I have loved HaShem and His Torah since my earliest memories as child--but I am no Tzadik. I've failed miserably at times. So does this mean I am defiled? I have felt things--sensed both benign and malevolent energies for as long as I remember. I have, since toddler-hood been told I have a way with animals. I can 'feel' them--like strong empathy--sense their needs. I don't know how to describe it. At age 7, Ema left me to run an errand. I heard no crash, only the cries of others inside (I was outside getting a soda) & I instantly knew my mother had been in a car accident. I didn't see it, I just 'knew' the details. This 'knowing' has happened to me many times in my life without warning or inviting it. Always it is for trouble, never happy. Then to there are the dreams that come true within a matter of moments to months. (Most are of disaster, some have been for good--others seemed trivial.) I avoid crowds because I feel others. So am I cursed? What should I do about this? Reply

Elah April 9, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

This same thing has been happening to me as well! I'm so glad to actually see someone else explain this so eloquently. Thank you Reply

Colin Winkler Adirondacks, New York November 9, 2010

did curiosity kill the cat? I nearly left my room in horror and spent the rest of the night in my car when I heard this lecture in the wee hours of the morning.

I live in a former tuberculosis treatment center that has since been converted into mixed residential / hotel use. Never in my stay have I gotten so frightened to live here... the mention of possession, those things that do not translate into English., ghosts, spirits... yikes.

Who stayed in my room....?

But you gave a logical explanation to the naïve souls who seek answers in the occult. Reply

Anonymous October 3, 2008

Combating Negative Spirits From a non-catholic christian perspecitve, as the Rabbi encourages, live a holy/righteous lifestyle.

When you somehow sense evil, verbally cry out to the Lord, and He will rescue you (Psalm 91). Also, just as the Rabbi did, cast/command out the evil entity in the name of Hashem, or by the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. Reply

Anonymous April 21, 2008

kaballa on witchcraft Rabbi Kaplan's comment on the gevurah/chesed aspects of spiritual reality adds more depth to my study of Bereshit, chapter 1. Reply

Roxanne Simmons Baltimore, Md. February 2, 2007

Kabballa on witchcraft I was listening to this talk, I found it rich in wisdom. Reply

malka santaigo, chile November 16, 2006

Congrats! Please upload more on this rabbi. He speaks slowly and clear. For me that is very important because my English is not so good as I would want. Reply

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