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Dreams in the Jewish Tradition

Dreams in the Jewish Tradition

Phenomenal perspectives on the meaning of dreams


Dreams in the Jewish Tradition: Phenomenal perspectives on the meaning of dreams

Rabbi Pinchas Taylor, an inspirational young scholar, is a sought-after educator and speaker. He lives in South Florida with his wife Miriam and serves as the Director of Adult Education and Outreach at the Chabad of Plantation. He is the author of two books which you can view and purchase here.
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Jack Strong San Jose, CA March 10, 2016

The conscious brain derives its knowledge from the subconscious mind. (The subconscious mind is involved in our dreams.)
Most of our thoughts are actually in the sub-conscious mind and by pattern matching delivers significance to the conscious mind.

WE can get into the subconscious mind by self-hypnosis and by intense mindfulness. Reply

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