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Given the incomparable significance of the Torah, what is the function of prophecy and of the prophetic books, the Neviim (“Prophets”) and Ketuvim (“Hagiographa”), composed after the Torah was given at Sinai? And why did the era of prophecy end?

Lesson 2. Moses and the Non-Prophets

Lesson 2. Moses and the Non-Prophets

Scroll Down - Part 2


Lesson 2. Moses and the Non-Prophets: Scroll Down - Part 2

Given the incomparable significance of the Torah, what is the function of prophecy and of the prophetic books, the Neviim (“Prophets”) and Ketuvim (“Hagiographa”), composed after the Torah was given at Sinai? And why did the era of prophecy end?
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davide pvbill nj November 10, 2017

great teaching lol but strong in the torah what this rabbi is awesome i really enjoy this teaching shalom shalom Reply

Magda Sutherland South Africa October 30, 2016

Absolutely Delightful and enlightning!!!! Thank you so much!!! Reply

David northwest Vermont June 24, 2016

I liked your distinction about Moses in relation to the Prophets and writings. I think this is important in proper interpretation of truth. Very well done. Your gift with humor makes the material very accessible to an audience that is intimidated by these topics. You really went above and beyond the call here. Bravo. Reply

name June 20, 2016

very interesting, watching with a five years old in a non Jewish home. Reply

Magda Sutherland South Afriva June 15, 2016

Real food!! Absolutely delightful!!! Reply

Michael Collins-Frias Escondido, CA June 14, 2016

Does not Michael Chighel teach and give knowledge? Is he not a teacher? Then your answer to knowledge is before you, ask of whom teaches and lessons become your vision. Never underestimate your own ability to discover truth though study, all are children at one time until we study we remain ignorant but sometimes we fall then attempt again until we find solution. Never stop learning, our fundlememtal foundation is knowledge through study, teaching children what we learn, learning the cost of war, learning the cost of peace. Hope, love, knowledge are all good, where upon the content of opposite shows war, misery, pain. Through lessons we hope to learn, we love our parents as teachers, our hope is to find peace upon this land of violence but is our choice how we proceed further toward our goal. What is our goal? Knowledge of the Devine is love. Try not to judge those whom harm, they are ignorant children who need lessons, yet we all need to learn more and never judge. My opinion. Reply

Anne-Marie Dheere Cyprus June 14, 2016

The wisdom of the Torah and the future of humanity If it hadn't been for the Torah the world would have been in total chaos and that is what we are facing in our days for most of humanity rejects it as being given by G-D and follows various other religions omitting the only and true word of G-d given by His prophet Moshe. In his way Dr. Rabbi Chighel allows us to see the humoristic and spiritual meaning of what the Book of Books is all about, Direction and Motivation, reaching to the Eternal Truth of the Wisdom of G-d and His infinite wisdom and the Torah's timeless validity. Reply

Linda Sponenburgh FL June 12, 2016

Another brilliant class You are the best teacher. Thank you! I really enjoy your teaching style. Reply

Anonymous June 10, 2016

This is a wonderful series. It's entertaining and provides so much value from an education point of view. Just two episodes so far have answered many questions I had about the Torah and what makes up the Torah. Thank you. Reply

Devorah Western NY June 10, 2016

Love love love what you have baked up! I really love the Patach voweled Shin in the your series title. The servant of the King who has the open mouth is the Patach and the Shin that separates or makes holy. Shah! So cool!
Nice, easy to understand yet with hidden stuff to hunt. What's not to love and I can't wait for them all to be revealed.
You are an awesome Yid!

Michael David Collins-Frias de Jehle Romanov Bonaparte Escondido, CA June 10, 2016

Understanding of truth Alex the Great, answer to the question above had faith. Most confuse loss of knowledge to unknown but was never unknown. Lost, hidden, but known. Eventually we find our way back into the fold, either to lead or follow. Regardless, it is most important to remember one clear factor. Our duty is to serve those in greatest need not our selfish greed. Our duty is upon each to decide. We answer to whom? G-d, I disagree with abbreviating name, it to me is blasphemy because I know name differently. I refrain from statement of pronunciation 13 syllabus it is beautiful to know but unimportant to write. Study, learn, knowledge, this discussion is more important because it shows desire toward truth, hope, faith, life, joy, peace, love, these words show how struggle becomes truth if remembered. My mother wanted me to receive blessing from leaders to know my tribe of Israel, yet I already knew. Judah & Zaraphia; Joseph; my houses, my father lineage inscribed upon a cane old twisted but inherited. Reply

Patricia Baker Raeford, NC June 10, 2016

Moses and the Non Prophets Lesson 2 Shalom:Thank you Rabbi Chighel: I love this concise study of the Torah, down to the nitty gritty. I always thought God uses the Gentiles as well as His own people to split history in half for His own purpose. Thus Alexander the Great, spreading culture to the four winds. In Sunday School, we call Alexander the great, a "Bad Dude". God used him for His wants and needs not the Greeks as a whole. You have a light hearted touch to your presentation. Reply

Rick Miller La Mesa June 10, 2016

Rich and simple Thank you so much! Raised in a non - observant home, this course is a wonderful way to begin my studies.



Vanessa Lowell June 9, 2016

I feel saddness in my soul always that Hashem has been rejected I am glad you brought up Samuel and his despondency over the people rejecting Hashem.
I really still don't understand why we don't chose Hashem to be with us.
We don't need anyone else
Ever since I found out Hashem will be with us I want and ask for Him to be here with us living with us out in the open-no more hidden!
How can I say in all honesty that I want a king other than Hashem?
I cannot.
I ask for the one who created me (us) so that I may say "what is needed of me Dearest Hashem" since only Hashem can read the Torah of Souls Reply

Michael Chighel Jerusalem June 9, 2016

A bright bulb indeed! Dear Terry,

Your question is painfully bright, and I am not sure how much I can offer by way of increased illumination.

How was Alex the Great's arrival in Jerusalem a "causal factor" in the cessation of prophecy? (BTW it ended well before the 2nd Temple by any reckoning.) The truest answer I can give you is: I don't know, and I am not sure anyone knows. The important thing is that God knows.

For some reason, Hellenism in Judea coincides with a moment that can be read either as a spiritual "maturation" of the people or as a spiritual "decline." In that historical moment when the celebrated rationalism of the ancient Greeks stepped into Jerusalem, prophecy lost its power to convince, censure and inspire the people as it had theretofore.

In the process, of course, a certain intimacy with the Divine was lost. But a kind of spiritual independence was also gained. The bottom line, as far as I know, is that the coincidence is a matter of speculation.

Keep the tungsten filament burnin'! Reply

Terry Arizona June 9, 2016

when but why Dr. Chighel,
Nice lessons. Thank you.
I'm not the brightest bulb in the socket, and I probably just missed it in the lesson, but I cannot discern why the era of prophecy ended. According to the lesson, the timing of the end apparently corresponded with the construction of the 2nd temple and/or the arrival of Alex the Great to Jerusalem, but are these events somehow causal factors in the cessation of the era of prophecy, too? Reply

Anonymous el salvador June 8, 2016

Thank you Dr Chighel. It is a joy to learn about our Holy Books with you. Reply

Anonymous dallas June 8, 2016

Great Lecture Thank you for clarifying lessons learned so many years ago yet have become jumbled in the years since. Reply

James Pinkerton SEEE Mississippi June 8, 2016

Enjoyable and Informative It is wonderful to hear such teaching. I am living in rural Mississippi where the nearest Shul is about 80 miles distance. The website is helpful to learn a basic Hebrew/Yiddish vocabulary. Reply

Angela White Australia June 8, 2016

I am loving this series Thank you so much for compiling this teaching series! It's bright and fun and makes big matters simpler to understand. I really appreciate this opportunity to learn. Reply

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