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What is the “literary” significance of the Giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai? The unique status and function of the Five Books of Moses within the biblical canon.

Lesson 1. What Torah Thinks of Torah

Lesson 1. What Torah Thinks of Torah

Scroll Down - Part 1

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Discussion (63)
July 18, 2016
Why is it you refer to the Israelite`s in Exodus as Jews
Ken Lewis
Nashville Tn.
July 17, 2016
This should be mandatory material in all Jewish schools in the Western World!
July 4, 2016
BS"D Baruch HaShem! Moshiach is surely close. This is brilliant! HaShem, thank you for this conduit which is bringing us closer to You and Your Torah! Baruch HaShem! Thank you Scroll Down Rabbi! Thank you,!
Chaya Mushka
June 20, 2016
Which Hebrew script was used on the Tablets?
The midrash from Shabbat 104a and Megilla 3 concerning the final mem (ם) and samech (ס) is indeed one problem. Another problem arises from the midrash about the crowns on the Hebrew letters (Menachot 29b).

In the Talmud itself (Sanhedrin 21b-22a) there are three different opinions regarding whether Moses's Tablets were inscribed with the ancient Paleo-Hebraic (Ktav Ivri) Alef-Bet that we no longer use.

1. According to Mar Zutra or Mar 'Ukba, the Torah was given to Moses in the Pale-Hebraic script on my joke-Tablets, and only later was given again to Ezra in the "Assyrian" or "exalted" script [Ktav Ashurit] that we still use today. Mar Zutra's opinion is supported by R. Yose and Rav Chisda.

2. According to R. Yehuda, the Assyrian script was the one used originally, falling into desuetude for a while, then returning into use with Ezra.

3. According to R. Shimon be Elazar, the only script ever used, without interruption, is the familiar Ashurit one.

Now it's true that the last opinion has won out among most later halakhic authorities. (e.g. Rambam, Comm. to Mishna, Yadaim 2:5; Teshuvot haGeonim 358) But of course all three opinions have scriptural foundations and are well-thought-through.

In any case, if I relied on the opinion of Mar Zutra, it is only for the very sublime videographic purpose of what's called a sight gag. Please don't read it as a halakhic psak.
Michael Chighel
June 19, 2016
If your doing this thru Chabad.Org can I rely on someone checking your stuff. It definitely is good, cute and well presented. My question is why you presented the Original Tablets as being written with a different Alpha-Bet than the one that it was written with. Although some claim that was the ancient Hebrew Alpha-Bet, it was really only the way Hebrew was written similar to the difference of script writing relative to print. It was not the Hebrew Alpha-Bet as inscribed in the Torah, nor on the Tablets. As proof: One of the well known details of the Tablets is that two letters of Alpha Bet stood Miraculously - the final mem and samech (ם & ס). If the Alpha-Bet of the Tablets would have been as you depicted, the "ancient" daled (which was a triangle) would also have to be mentioned as being Miraculously suspended on the Tablets. It wasn't because it was inscribed in the same Alpha-Bet we have today in which the daled (ד) needs no such miracle.
June 19, 2016
Brilliant! Thank you! Kol Hakavod!
June 13, 2016

May HaShem continue to bless you in your awesome endeavors! May He grant you continued enthusiasm and patience, as well. This was insanely entertaining and educational. So many people will benefit from the gifts you've been given!
June 5, 2016
June 4, 2016
So Refreshing
I love the humor and the humanity with which you bring us these lessons. In fact, all of is simply a tremendous find and resource for me, as until I connected with Chabad, I'd pretty much given up on being Jewish. Thank you.
Edward Rubinstein
June 4, 2016
Fantastic Rabbi Chighel. Baruch Hashem.
I look forward to watching the next lesson.
Carlos Congote
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