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How can the over-representation of Jewish Nobel Prize laureates be explained? The connection between intellectual excellence among Jews in secular studies and the literary tradition originating in the Torah.

Introduction: 101 Authors Who Didn't Write the Bible

Introduction: 101 Authors Who Didn't Write the Bible

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yaakov norris Lexington , Virginia February 27, 2017

Rabbi excellent videos!
One thing to note is that Karl Marx's mother was not a Jew and He was baptized a Lutheran as an infant.
Lenin's mother was not Jewish either. How ever Elvis Presely's mother was!(serious) let's dance! LOL Reply

Randy Schoenberg Los Angeles July 18, 2016

If only all Jewish scholars were as learned in non-Biblical sources! Reply

Akiva Israel July 17, 2016

Surely one of the best things I have ever seen online on the subject, if not the best. Informative, funny & accurate. Kol hakavod! Reply

Karen Calloway Avon June 4, 2016

This is wonderful "brain candy". Thank you! Reply

Elya Eidel California June 3, 2016

Absolutely phenomenal!!!
Enjoyed every second of the video and Lesson 1.
Substance, presentation, execution - so professional!
Thank you for taking your time and making this effort to produce such high quality learning material. The best! Reply

Michael Chighel Jerusalem June 2, 2016

Dear virtual class members, your exquisite comments are positively humbling and most encouraging. Thank you. I look forward to your questions and thoughts regarding this or any other "lesson." Many blessings to you and yours! Reply

Anonymous Modiin June 2, 2016

Looking forward to the rest off the course. Thank you. Reply

Marlene Fischer Vista June 2, 2016

Nothing means more to me than my Jewishness.

Thank you. Reply

Yeremyahu E'yong Nigeria June 1, 2016

I am so delighted to be enrolled into this program. Sure I would benefit immensely.
Todah Rav. Reply

Timothy Lee May 31, 2016

Informative, insightful, and entertaining; wow! Reply

Paula Wallace baldwin park ca May 31, 2016

Thank you for offering this course, it was not only informative but highly entertaining! I want more! Reply

Myriam May 31, 2016

Elie Wiesel :)
great video I'll share it
thank you Reply

Diane Powell Toronto, Canada May 31, 2016

I have watched Rabbi Michael on TV for years, and am looking forward to these sessions.
Just loved this introductory video! Toda Raba! Reply

Stephan Sloan Freehold May 30, 2016

Incredible speaker and phenomenal presentation. How can you not enjoy Mr. Chighel's enthusiasm and entertaining personality? I could spend hours a day listening to him. Reply

David Abulafia Vaucluse May 30, 2016

Great and exciting video Reply

Raphael Holwerda Sydney, Australia May 30, 2016

Looks like it's going to be great! Are notes going to be made available eg by email, as it looks like the lessons are going to be stack-ful of information. Toda raba! Looking forward to it! Reply

Mark Philadelphia May 27, 2016

As a millennial this is a great introduction to Torah and I am very excited to learn more Reply

Channah Eibenshutz Dallas, Texas May 27, 2016

Wow, Rabbi. Looking forward to the rest of the course. Reply

Kellie Poitra May 26, 2016

Wonderful intro. Toda raba Rabbi! Reply

Henry Abramson Holy City of Brooklyn May 26, 2016

Wow. Just wow. I better go learn some Torah, right now. Reply

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