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Lead a life worth writing about

Inscribe Us in the Book of Life

Inscribe Us in the Book of Life


Inscribe Us in the Book of Life

Lead a life worth writing about
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Ed Straub, Texas September 2, 2013

G-d Bless the Jewish People. Israel is G-d's Holy Land, Jerusalem is G-d's Holy City and Jewish, are G-d's Holy People, that is the completed puzzle. If you want to know G-d personally, you must first support His People. Reply

Mr. Teddy Gethe September 25, 2012

Very interesting, I downloaded all the Yom Kippur audio lessons and listen through them. Thank you Chabad, you preserve the Jewishness in the world when it's very hard to preserve the fast and the holidays. Reply

Martha Bogotá, Colombia September 23, 2012

Book of Life Than-you for your nice teaching.For me is very importan to learn this. Reply

David Pfeifer robbinsville, NC September 30, 2011

ha Sefer Chaim Thank you for your instruction Reply

Anonymous sarasota, florida September 17, 2010

Being remembered and a year worth recording Beautiful. Reply

Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman Tzfat, Israel September 15, 2010

thank you The truth and the insight in simplicity stated...May you achieive that which you teach us here - being deserving of such a life is what we all should strive for.

Many blessings to you and your family Reply

Lyle H. Frink Vernon, VT April 15, 2010

write us into life this is an awesome and wonderful truth. May my Lord grant me a life that's worth writing about. thank you Rabbi New Reply

caroline zilkha September 27, 2009

inscribe us in the book of life audio thank you for the interesting perspective. Reply

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