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Being a positive prophet, remaining optimistic in the wake of disaster.

Positive Prophecy

Positive Prophecy

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Discussion (3)
February 1, 2011
Thank You.

I've been trying to get this point across to so many Christains.. Buddists... and the list goes on.

No wonder Rebbe speaks to me through you.
Jesursalem, Israel
December 4, 2005
Positive Prophesy
A very positive way at looking at this subject. Something uplifting and inspiring and often easier said than done.

But we do have the choice of making the best of what comes our way. The questions of Job remain and that is fine and should be asked, but meanwhile we have to make a decision on how we are going to act, in spite of our questions.

I also very much like the comments about Ninveh and that a negative prophecy does not have to come to pass and that G-d wants us to repent and do better.

Well put together Mr. Rabbi!
Howard Chudler
Brea, ca
September 12, 2005
Well said
It was short, but to the point. Rabbi, you have a good sense of being able to put together the idea nicley in just a few short minutes - thank you.
Vestal, NY