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A Phoenix in the Ark

Parshah Curiosities: Noach


A Phoenix in the Ark: Parshah Curiosities: Noach

A deeper analysis of the Torah narrative of the animals being saved with Noach and his family in the ark offers a fascinating discovery into the mysterious phenomena of the phoenix bird.
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Phoenix, Noach

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Zoe Toronto December 25, 2017

That was lovely, inspirational, and just what I needed to hear. Reply

Sheri Oz Haifa, Israel October 30, 2015

Inspired by your talk and used this inspiration to develop another idea Thought you might be interested in reading a blog piece I wrote that came out of a horrid interview on Egyptian TV but that triggered thoughts about the Jewish People being like the phoenix. In looking to see if the phoenix is consistent with Judaism, I found your video and was inspired. Thanks so much. Links not allowed so if you want, look for israeldiaries dot com. The article is called: They Say: Burn Jew! But We Rise Like the Phoenix. Reply

Erika kish Canada October 19, 2015

This video was so interesting, I have never heard this before. We watched it twice it was so informative and so well spoken, enjoyed your sense of humor.
Of course we watch most of your Videos and they are always so informative and inspiring.
Thank you Reply

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