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Take a video tour of an authentic matzah bakery in this hilarious documentary-style presentation, hosted by Jono.

Matzah: What's Up With It?

Matzah: What's Up With It?

A Matzah Documentary by Jono

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Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY February 14, 2016

cute Reply

Mushky Goldstein Auckland, New Zealand April 7, 2015

your videos are soooooooooo good!!!! my favorite is "The Quest For Fish" me and my siblings love it! Jono is soooooooo funny! Reply

Anonymous March 22, 2015

This did not really help me. It didn't give me the information I was looking for also if this is for kids. I wouldn't really think they would understand some of this. I didn't and I am in 7th grade. Reply

simmy shafiro ny ny April 14, 2014

im in grade 6 and this is very cute and good to show to kids before passover Reply

Albi Toronto March 27, 2013

Great video, for young as well as the old! Engaging as well as modern and entertaining! Bravo! Reply

Anonymous Prescott, AR/US April 11, 2012

I believe the guy said "more than 2,000 years ago." The show is mainly geared towards kids, and kids think of this being the year saying "MORE" than 2,000 years ago is a BEFORE the year 0....modern time. It may not be "precise"....but I can see why he did it. Reply

John Kaplan, MD Wildomar, California April 10, 2012

I have been told that, at the time of the first Matzo, that they did not refine flower as we do today.
Thus the first Matza was made from a more course non-refined flower similar to Whole Wheat flower.
I prefer Whole Wheat Matzo (I generally order from Straits Matzo Co.).
If true, I guess I am eating a more authentic Matzo. Reply

Anonymous monsey, NY December 10, 2011

the jews were freed from eygpt 3000 years ago not 2000 years ago!!! Reply

nene ny, ny April 18, 2011

Yes, very cute. But it's a no no to have a rabbi make a historical blunder. The Jews were slaves in Egypt two thousand years ago? What happened to King David, and the two Jewish commonwealths? Not counting the time between the Exodus and the kingdom. Reply

Anonymous Prescott, AR April 16, 2011

cute! I had no idea the ovens were so hot! Reply

sharon williams middleburg, fl/usa November 16, 2010

lolerz omg so adorable and yummy got to make me some matzah Reply

Dayna Coronado San Antonio, TX October 23, 2010

Yummy! Reply

Ms. Chanah Karpoff via April 9, 2010

Great stories and songs for kids Reply

mel la, u.s.a March 25, 2010

The cool thing about this is, i'm in 8th grade and in history i'm being taught the same U.S. history that Jono was taking about. Reply

Shmuel Moshav Yonatan, Israel March 25, 2010

How about an Israeli flag in the background at the end? That's true freedom! The US flag is another form slavery - the Golden Handcuffs of Galut (Exile). Chag Sameach (have a happy festival)! Reply

Anonymous smithtown, N.Y. March 24, 2010

Seeing this site and watching this Passover mini series felt like a sign from G-d to me. I am going through troubled times, and we as Jews have always survived. It brings hope for a new day, and better times ahead. Thank you so much for being here. From a Conservative Jew. Reply

Knerses March 23, 2010

Maybe his head is not covered because Torah does not say it has to be covered?
He is not mourning, and he is also not a Kohen (priest) busy with Avodah (service)...? Reply

maron koesia beer shve, israel March 20, 2010

i love this video and my sis too,
I from israel and I love this web site! Reply

sarah leah jerusalem, israel March 18, 2010

why is jono's head not covered????????? Reply

Jamir banuelos March 17, 2010

thats cool that your dad is a matza baker
.......................................WOW it must be really hot in there! Reply