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sandra conkle Sherman September 23, 2015

Beautiful Reply

Mike Ohio February 28, 2013

You shall ever be praised in heaven and on earth,
our Sovereign, the great and holy G-d.
Songs of praise and psalms of adoration become You,
Hashem our G-d and G-d of our ancestors,
praises that acknowledge Your grandeur, Your glory,
Your might, Your magnificence,
Your strength, Your sanctity, and Your sovereignty.
Now and forever, acclaim and honor are Yours.
Praised are You Hashem, Sovereign of wonders,
crowned with adoration, delighting in our songs and psalms,
exalted Ruler, Eternal Life of the universe.

I do not take credit for this translation. It was done by actual rabbis. Reply

benjamin fortus ottawa, canada October 29, 2011

compliment I have many young Jewish people who in this fast moving century have not been given a Jewish upbringing and now as they have children are trying to find their Jewish heritage and teach their children something they wish they had been taught. So I am grateful for this site and have indeed passed on its whereabouts to them. Reply

joseph william aronofsky micco, fll September 3, 2011

memories takes me back as a child with my father and his brothers Reply

יהושע - Josué Selva ( a ger tzedek) Managua, NICARAGUA June 11, 2011

Yishtabach (Closest transliteration I could get Yish-ta-bach:

Yish-ta-bach shim-cha la-ad, mal-kei-nu,
ha-Eil, ha-Me-lech ha-Ga-dol v'ha-Ka-dosh,
ba-sha-ma-yim u-va-a-rets.
Ki l'cha na-eh, A-do-nai E-lo-hei-nu, Vei-lo-hei A-vo-tei-nu,
Shir ush-va-cha, ha-leil v'zim-rah,
oz u-mem-sha-lah, ne-tsach, g'du-lah ug-vu-rah,
t'hi-lah v'tif-e-ret, k'du-shah u-mal-chut,
b'ra-chot v'ho-da-ot, mei-a-tah v'ad o-lam.

Ba-ruch a-tah A-do-nai,
Eil me-lech ga-dol [ um-hu-lal ] ba-tish-ba-chot,
Eil ha-ho-da-ot, A-don ha-nif-la-ot,
[ Bo-rei kawl han-sha-mot, ri-bon kawl ha-ma-a-sim, ]
ha-bo-cheir b'shi-rei zim-rah,
Me-lech, [ Ya-chid, ] Eil, Chei Ha-O-la-mim. Reply

Keith, Chicago, IL or Agoura Hills, Ca Chicago, IL December 21, 2008

To Tune, Anonymous, Seattle, Wa To the above comment. You are correct. In many reformed or conservative temples you will here prayers sung with pretty much the same melody throughout the united states. There are always exceptions. I have only been to temples in the United States. Chabad is a little different. Rabbis from Chabad learn from and are raised from all over the globe. In some Chabad Synaguages, you may here the same prayer every week sung with a different melody depending who is singing it. I have heard there are 2,000 different melodies or versions for just Lechah Dodie. Reply

annie Leicester, England October 24, 2008

compliment Its a great website and I am enjoying the synagogue songs also it explains jewish faith/customs in a way that just reading text doesn't for me.

Thank you Reply

Anonymous Seattle, WA August 4, 2008

Tune Stupid question, I know but... is this tune the same as the one for Boruch Sheomar? Reply

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