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Y'did Nefesh

Y'did Nefesh


Y'did Nefesh

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Y'did nefesh av harachaman, mshoch avdecha el rtzonecha,
yarutz avdecha kmo ayal, yish-tachaveh el mul hadarecha,
ye-erav lo ydidosecha, minofes tzuf vchol ta-am.

Hodur na-eh ziv ha-olam, nafshi cholas ahavasecha, ana El na rfa na lah, bhar-os lah noam zivecha, az tis-chazeik vsisrapei, vhaysah lah simchas olam.

Vasik yehemu na rachamecha, vchusah na al bein ahuvecha, ki zeh kamah nichsof nichsafti, lir-os bsif-eres uzechcha, eileh chamdah libi, vchusah na val tis-alam.

Higaleh na ufros chavivi alai,
es sukas shlomecha, ta-ir eretz mikvodecha, nagilah vnism'chah bach, maheir ahuv ki va mo-eid, vchoneinu kimei olam.


Beloved of the soul, Compassionate Father, draw Your servant to Your will. Then Your servant will hurry like a hart to bow before Your majesty. To him Your friendship will be sweeter than the dripping of the honeycomb and all taste.

Majestic, beautiful, radiance of the universe my soul is sick for your love. Please O G‑d, heal her now by showing her the pleasantness of Your radiance. Then she will be strengthened and healed and eternal gladness will be hers.

All worthy One -- may Your mercy be aroused and please take pity on the son of Your beloved, because it is so very long that I have yearned intensely to see the splendor of Your strength, only these my heart desired, so please take pity and do not conceal Yourself.

Please be revealed and spread upon me, my Beloved, the shelter of Your peace that we may rejoice and be glad with You. Hasten, be loved, for the time has come, and show us grace as in days of old.

Test excerpted from the soon to be published 'Mayanot Shabbat Companion', published by the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. For more information about Mayanot's educational programs visit
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Adam NY July 17, 2017

Is there anyway to download this from the website? Reply Staff August 9, 2017
in response to Adam:

Sorry for the delayed response. No, this selection cannot be downloaded here. You can click on the Jewish Learning Group link to see if it can be downloaded via that website. Reply

Faith krasnow My. Kisco NY May 15, 2017

What is the earliest date this piyyut appears in a text? Reply

Rabbi Yossi Grossbaum, for May 18, 2017
in response to Faith krasnow:

Early 1600s. It was composed by the Kabbalist Rabbi Azikri who lived in Tsfat, Northen Israel at the time Reply

David Levinson CHELTENHAM April 30, 2016

Hebrew? I wish you could provide the Hebrew as well. I would rather practice my reading as I listen. Thanks for the resource though. Reply

asher July 4, 2015

beautiful recording. thanks. Reply

Anita Reich Highland Mills, NY via December 5, 2014

Providing Hebrew on the melody page. wish you could provide the Hebrew on this page also...I could never do transliteration Reply

Abu September 4, 2014

Beautiful Reply

David March 14, 2014

This really touches my nefesh! Reply

Anonymous August 31, 2013

yedid nefesh Jewish songs and blessings always make me cry , in a good way. Reply

jack rosen February 22, 2012

Yedid Nefesh I go every Friday to the Synogogue just to hear the Sabbath prayers, and one is Yedid Nefesh. My neice used to play the flute for weddings and she could really play Yedid Nefesh beautifully. Reply

Miss laurie claus February 17, 2012

Hours of study encouraged, The shelter of your peace, could learn for a lifetime from this song. Magestic, Reply

kaye st james, mo, usa February 15, 2012

music Jews have the most beautiful music in the world. I love listening to it. Thank you so much for putting it on your site for me to listen too. God bless you richly! Reply

Shlomo Miransky Nashville June 18, 2011

Yedid nefesh Wonderful melody and prayer. Reply

Jack Rosen January 31, 2011

yedjd nefesh It was wonderful, I am just new at using the computer, and my jewish learning was little actually mostly self or by going to Shule. I am certainly going to benefit from these lessons and information. I am very rejuvianated. Reply

Anonymous Thorold February 9, 2010

Beautiful melody, the words being so true, Reply

Svetlana Winnipeg, Canada May 12, 2009

Such a beautiful melody, it really touched my soul, and every Jewish soul I believe. It would be helpful if it was in Hebrew as well, otherwise it is difficult to understand the meaning. Thank you. Reply

Adella corpus christi, tx/usa February 6, 2009

yedid nefesh It is beautiful,there are no words to describe how perfect this song is. It shall be sung with in my soul with every beat of my heart.After the song is over I can still hear the cantor's gorgeous voice ringing in my ears. As soon as I can I'm going to buy it. Reply

Ryvka France August 14, 2008

very special tune Now I can say it: It made me cry!
I think it's the most beautiful love song! Reply

Anonymous Cape Town, South Africa February 7, 2008

yedid nefesh I do have Mark Zimmermans version on my laptop and mp3 player. But this haunting rendition of yedid nefesh truly stirs something within and re-awakens my thirst for hashem. Reply

Anonymous los Angeles, ca/usa January 30, 2008

audio site Ths cantor's voice is beautiful , the piano ruins the chant. take it out. Reply

james hymon rancho palos Verdes, Ca via December 5, 2007

Audios are Awesome! They are Helping me with learning my Siddurs prayers better. Reply

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