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Dr. Isaac Jakubowicz Los Angeles, CA, USA via October 2, 2014

Oleinu by Zalman Goldstein & Chaim Fogelman Really uplifting, spiritually a High. What a treat! Specially around the High Holidays. Thank you for such a rewarding experience. Shana Tova Umetukah, and a Safe, Easy Yiom Kipur Fast! Reply

Anonymous July 18, 2013

Yasher Koach Reply

Liliane Paris, France July 27, 2011

Uplifting and beautiful Olienu is my favorite song of the entire collection. I feel it with all my soul and my heart
Thank you very much for such a wonderful gift. Reply

linda mount pleasant, usa September 18, 2010

Jewish music classic thanks. truly blessed my heart and my soul Reply

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