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Mizmor L'Dovid

Mizmor L'Dovid


Mizmor L'Dovid

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Mizmor l'dovid, hovu la’Ado-n-oi b'nei eilim, havu la’Ado-n-oi kovod vo-oz. Hovu la’Ado-n-oi k'vod sh'mo, hishta-cha-vu la’Ado-n-oi b'hadras kodesh. Kol Ado-n-oi al ha-moyim, El ha-kovod hir'im, Ado-n-oi al mayim rabim. Kol Adonai bakoah, kol Adonai behadar. Kol Adonai shover arazim vay'shaber Adonai et arzei hal'vanon. Vayarkideim k'mo eigel, l'vanon v'siryon k'mo ven r'eimim. Kol Adonai chotzev la havot esh, kol Adonai yachil midbar, yachil Adonai midbar kodesh. Kol Adonai y'cholel ayalot. Va yechesof y'arot, uv'hechalo kulo omer kavod. Adonai lamabul yashav, vayeshev Adonai melech l'olam. Adonai oz l'amo yiten, Adonai y'varech et amo vashalom. A Psalm by David. Render to the L-rd, children of the mighty, render to the Lord honor and strength. Render to the L-rd the honor due to His Name; bow down to the L-rd in resplendent holiness. The voice of the Lord is over the waters, the G‑d of glory thunders; the Lord is over mighty waters. The voice of the L-rd resounds with might; the voice of the Lord resounds with majesty. The voice of the Lord breaks cedars; the L-rd shatters the cedars of Lebanon. He makes them leap like a calf; Lebanon and Sirion like a young wild ox. The voice of the L-rd strikes flames of fire. The voice of the L-rd makes the desert tremble; the L-rd causes the desert of Kadesh to tremble. The voice of the L-rd causes the does to calve, and strips the forests bare; and in His Sanctuary all proclaim His glory. The L-rd sat [as King] at the Flood; the L-rd will sit as King forever. The Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace.
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Anonymous January 3, 2014

It is beautiful when it is sang at Synagogue carrying Torah around and greeting the congregation .... Reply

Mike Ohio February 28, 2013

Psalm #29 People asked for the psalm number and a translation into English:

A Song of David:

Acclaim Hashem, exalted creatures (literally sons of God, e.g. angels)
Acclaim Hashem, glorious and mighty
Acclaim Hashem, whose name is majestic
Worship Hashem in sacred splendor
The Voice of Hashem thunders over rushing waters
The Voice of Hashem roars with might
The Voice of Hashem echoes with majesty
The Voice of Hashem shatters the cedars
Hashem splinters the cedars of Lebanon
Making Mount Lebanon skip like a calf
Compelling Siryon to leap like a ram
The Voice of Hashem splits rock with lightning
The Voice of Hashem stirs the wilderness
The Voice of Hashem strips the forest bare
While in His sanctuary all chant: Glory!
Hashem sat enthroned at the Flood
Hashem will sit enthroned forever
Bestowing strength upon His people
Blessing His people with peace.

I do not want to take credit for this translation. That was done by actual rabbis, I merely typed it in from my siddur. Reply

YR Philadelphia, PA August 26, 2012

What tehillim is this? Shalom,

What tehillim is this? Please mark your tehillim by its number.

Toda rabbah Reply

jack rosen Toronto, On Canada February 16, 2012

This song is very nice I appreciate the wonderful chance to learrn. Reply

Brenda Forehand San Antonio, Tx. USA December 3, 2011

Beautiful Thank you Reply

Barry Levine Seagate, NY August 9, 2011

Melodies Delightful melodies, nor der shyle iz azay, why don't they sing like this in shul instead of running like a house on fire, zeit azay ghut emetsen uhn git ah tshuvah. Reply

Chichi Cuero ALEXANDRIA January 14, 2011

Could you please translate it to English. Thank you for the songs. They ere very uplifting. Reply

Mattityahu October 27, 2010

Just Awesome! Reply

Anonymous Bischofsheim, Germany October 7, 2010

Transscription Mizmor L`David,
hovu L" b`ne elim,
hovu L" kovod vo-oz.
Hovu L" K`vod sh`mo,
hishta-chavu L" b`hadras kodesh.
Kol L" al hamo-yim,
El hakovod hir-im,
" al ma-yim rabim.
Kol " bako-ach,
Kol " behodor,
Kol " shover arozim,
vaishaber " es arze hal`vonom.
Va-yarkidem k`mo egel,
l`vonon v`siryon k`mo ven remim.
Kol " chotzev lahavos esh.
Kol " yochil midbor,
yochil " midbar kodesh.
Kol " y`cholel a-yolos,
va-yechsof y´Orot,
uvhecholo, kulo omer kevod.
" lamabul yoshov,
va-yeshev " melech l`olom.
" oz l`amo yiten,
" y`vorech es amo vashalom. Reply

natanael caracas, venezuela April 15, 2010

this song is very beautiful, thank you´. Reply

Anonymous August 23, 2009

i like it very nice song Reply

Scott Goodman Port Orange, Fl./USA May 2, 2009

:-) Very Nice & moving, thank you :-) Reply

Yisrael May 31, 2006

This song is beautiful. Thanks so much! Reply

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