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Mi Chomocha

Mi Chomocha


Mi Chomocha

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Anonymous October 8, 2015

He does a great job ! Please no change . Reply

Anonymous Hamburg, Germany January 21, 2012

VOICE It is so much comfort to know that a singer
has experienced life in the depths of his soul.
His singing is being as his being might become
singing. This kind of sadness assures me of
the heavenly kindness all along the path of life. Reply

DC Jessup Seattle, WA March 12, 2010

Keep the singer! One aspect of love is sadness at loss. To be separated from G-d, isn't that heartbreaking? I like this song because it reflects that condition. Don't send this singer away, just add! Reply

Sharon Overland Park, KS March 8, 2009

Singer This cantor has an excellent voice. The purpose is to sing the song where all can hear the words. The voice should be clear, have solid tone, and give the song life. This singer has succeeded in doing so. Reply

yael April 13, 2008

i think he has a great voice. why change singers? Reply

Susan via December 5, 2007

singer I agree, these beautiful songs sound so sad. Can we have another singer, please and thank you. Reply

Anonymous August 10, 2007

oy can't someone else sing these beatuful songs :) nice to change it up.. Reply

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