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Ezra Hoerster Texas April 14, 2017

In followup to my previous post, I have added transliteration in Sephardi pronunciation. We must not forget our Sephardi brothers!

[Sephardi Pronunciation]

Ha-aderet v'ha-emuna, l'chai olamim.
Ha-bina v'ha-b'racha, l'chai olamim.
Ha-ga-ava v'hag'dula, l'chai olamim.
Ha-day-a v'hadibur, l'chai olamim.
Ha-hod v'he-hadar, l'chai olamim.
Ha-va-ad v'ha-vatikut, l'chai olamim.
Ha-ziv v'ha-zohar, l'chai olamim.
Ha-cha-yil v'ha-chosen, l'chai olamim.
Ha-teches v'ha-tohar, l'chai olamim.
Ha-yichud v'ha-yir-a, l'chai olamim.
Ha-keter v'ha-kavod, l'chai olamim.
Ha-lekach v'ha-libuv, l'chai olamim.
Ha-m'lucha v'ha-memshala, l'chai olamim.
Ha-noy v'ha-netzach, l'chai olamim.
Ha-siguy v'ha-segev, l'chai olamim.
Ha-oz v'ha-anava, l'chai olamim.
Ha-p'dut v'ha-p'er, l'chai olamim.
Ha-tz'vi v'ha-tzedek, l'chai olamim.
Ha-k'ri-a v'ha-k'dusha, l'chai olamim.
Ha-ron v'hara-memot, l'chai olamim.
Ha-shir v'ha-shevach, l'chai olamim.
Ha-t'hila v'ha-tif-eret, l'chai olamim. Reply

Ezra Hoerster Texas April 14, 2017

The Hebrew text can be found on page 191 in the Chabad siddur. The transliteration can be found on pages 633-644.

[Ashkenazi Pronunciation]

Hö-aderes v'hö-emunö, l'chai olömim.
Ha-binö v'ha-b'röchö, l'chai olömim.
Ha-ga-avö v'hag'dulö, l'chai olömim.
Ha-day-ö v'hadibur, l'chai olömim.
Ha-hod v'hödör, l'chai olömim.
Ha-va-ad v'ha-vösikus, l'chai olömim.
Ha-ziv v'ha-zohar, l'chai olömim.
Ha-cha-yil v'ha-chosen, l'chai olömim.
Ha-teches v'ha-tohar, l'chai olömim.
Ha-yichud v'ha-yir-ö, l'chai olömim.
Ha-keser v'ha-kövod, l'chai olömim.
Ha-lekach v'ha-libuv, l'chai olömim.
Ha-m'luchö v'ha-memshölö, l'chai olömim.
Ha-noy v'ha-naytzach, l'chai olömim.
Ha-siguy v'hasegev, l'chai olömim.
Hö-oz v'hö-anövö, l'chai olömim.
Ha-p'dus v'ha-p'ayr, l'chai olömim.
Ha-tz'vi v'ha-tzedek, l'chai olömim.
Ha-k'ri-ö v'ha-k'dushö, l'chai olömim.
Hö-ron v'höro-maymos, l'chai olömim.
Ha-shir v'ha-shevach, l'chai olömim.
Ha-t'hilö v'ha-tiferes, l'chai olömim. Reply

Raegan G. San Diego, California via June 4, 2015

Ho-aderes I love this beautiful melody; it moves me so. Reply

Anonymous wish i was in israel December 12, 2013

page 191 and transliteration 633 from siddur thanks to rabbi levi chabad of phoenix page 191 and transliteration 633 from siddur thanks to rabbi levi chabad of phoenix Reply

Curley Knocklefopf Pittsburb , Ca. May 2, 2013

Ho-Aderes Shalom . If one views Siddur Tehillas Hashem or Nusach Sfard siddur and sings along while paying attention to the written Hebrew , one will have no need for transliteration . This is the way I learned Hebrew . I had no Hebrew alphabet available . So find your closest Chabad House and learn while singing praises to Hashem , don't be nervous . They are their for you with open arms . This is the best way to learn . I personally was blown away by this song whe I first heard it . If I forget all others , I remember this one . Shalom Reply

Ziva Houston, TX March 1, 2012

Lyrics Someone post the transliteration! Reply

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