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Boruch Sheomar

Boruch Sheomar

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יהושע - Josué Selva (a ger tzedek) Managua, NICARAGUA June 11, 2011

Boruch Sheomar(Closest transliteration I could get Ba-ruch she-a-mar v'ha-ya ha-o-lam, Ba-ruch hu,
Ba-ruch o-meir v'o-seh,
Ba-ruch go-zeir um-ka-yeim,
Ba-ruch o-seh v'rei-shit,
Ba-ruch m'ra-cheim al ha-a-rets,
Ba-ruch m'ra-cheim al ha-bri-ot,
Baruch m'sha'leim sa-char tov li-rei-av,
Ba-ruch chai la-ad v'ka-yam l'ne-tsach,
Ba-ruch po-deh u-ma-tsil, Ba-ruch sh'mo.

Ba-ruch a-tah, A-do-nai,
E-lo-hei-nu, Me-lech ha-o-lam,
ha-Eil, ha-Av ha-Ra-cha-man,...
ha-m'hu-lal b'feh a-mo,
m'shu-bach um-fo-ar bil-shon cha-si-dav va-a-va-dav,
uv-shi-rei David av-de-cha.
N'ha-lel-cha A-do-nai E-lo-hei-nu bish-va-chot u-viz-mi-rot,
un-ga-del-cha un-sha-bei-cha-cha un-fa-er-cha v'nam-li-ch'cha,
v'naz-kir shim-cha mal-kei-nu E-lo-hei-nu.
Ya-chid chai ha-o-la-mim,
me-lech m'shu-bach um-fo-ar a-dei ad sh'mo ha-ga-dol,

Ba-ruch a-tah A-do-nai,
Me-lech m'hu-lal ba-tish-ba-chot. Reply

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