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ari Baltimore September 26, 2015

I love the Chabad melody of Ashrei . They need a group version , it sounds so good when many sing this all together . Reply

Anonymous San Diego January 16, 2015

Pure joy! Reply

Yossi November 9, 2011

pure awsome This melody and the other unique melodies of Chabad make me love it even more! Reply

Elisheva Bayonne, NJ June 21, 2011

Your songs Thank you so much for putting these songs out. I always know I can cruise the Chabad site when I need - anything. Reply

Brett Hart Dandenong, Vic, Australia April 24, 2011

Ashrei Absolutely beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes. Reply

shalom moshe woodlands, texas February 12, 2011

your web site I love this site. Reply

Anonymous January 15, 2011

Thank You Thank you for posting this Nigun for Ashrei, it's the one we use at the Shul I attend. I've been looking for it online, love this melody. Reply

Prof. Julio Aviv Manuel Martinez January 10, 2011

Ashrei The melody and harmony of this version of Ashrei when I heard it at a local Chabad House I was invited to was the push I needed when I decided to move from Reform to Orthodox. The spirituality I have been searching in my religion, I found it here. Reply

Yit'chak June 23, 2010

Ashrei Ashrei is one of my favorites I love singing it when I'm at Shul and hearing all the other men praising G-d! Reply

Anonymous Vacaville, CA via January 2, 2010

beautiful music I want to sing it but alas my second language was french and I seem to "lingua franca" everything. I shall keep trying however because I love the songs. They touch my heart. Reply

Dr. alfredo caraballo pellissier November 19, 2009

words-2nd part Va-cha-see-de-cha y'-var-chu-cha
K'-vod mal-chut-cha yo-me-ru
Ug-vu-ro-t'cha y'-da-be-ru
L'ho-dee-ah liv-nei ha-ah-dam g'-vu-ro-tav
Uch-vod ha-dar mal-chu-to
Mal-chut'-cha mal-chut kol o-la-mim
U-mem-shal-te-cha b'-chol dor va-dor
So-mech A-do-nai l'-chol ha-nof-leem
V'zo-kef l'-chol hak-fu-fim
Ei-nei chol e-lei-cha y'-sa-be-ru
V'a-ta no-ten la-hem et och-lam b'-ee-to
Po-te-ach et ya-de-cha
U-mas-bi-a l-chol chai ra-tzon
Tza-deek A-do-nai b'-chol d'-ra-chav
V'-cha-seed b'-chol ma-a-sav
Ka-rov A-do-nai l'-chol kor-av
L'chol ah-sher yik-re-u-hu ve-e-met
R'-tzon y'-re-av ya-a-se
V'-et shav-a-tam yish-ma v'-yo-shi-em
Sho-mer A-do-nai et kol o-ha-vav
V'-et kol har-sha-im yash-mid
T'-hee-lat A-do-nai y'-da-ber pi
Vi-va-rech kol ba-sar shem kod-sho l'-o-lam va-ed
Va-a-nach-nu n'-va-rech Yah
Me-a-ta v''ad o-lam
Ha-le-lu-yah ! Reply

Dr. alfredo caraballo pellissier November 19, 2009

Ash-rei yosh-vei vei-te-cha
Od ye-ha-l'-lu-cha se-la
Ash-rei ha-am she-ka-cha lo
Ash-rei ha-am she-A-do-nai E-lo-hav
T'-hee-la- l'-D-a-veed
A-ro-mem-cha E-lo-hai ha-Me-lech
Va-a-var-cha sheem-cha l'-o-lam va-ed
B'chol yom a-var-che-ka
Va-ah-ha-l'-la sheem-cha l'-olam va-ed
Ga-dol A-do-nai um-hoo-lal m'-od
V'-leeg-do-la-to ein che-ker
Dor l'dor y-sha-bach ma-ah-se-cha
Ug-vu-ro-te-cha ya-gee-doo
Ha-dar k'-vod ho-de-cha
V'-deev-rei nif-l'-o-te-cha a-see-cha
Ve-e-zuz nor-o-te-cha yo-mei-ru
Ug-du-lat-cha a-sap-re-na
Ze-cher rav tuv-cha ya-bee-u
V'-tzeed-kat-cha y'-ra-nei-nu
Cha-nun v'-ra-chum A-do-nai
E-rech a-pa-yim ug-dal cha-sed
Tov A-do-nai la-kol
V'-ra-cha-mav al kol ma-a-sav
Yo-du-cha A-do-nai kol ma-a-se-cha

Aaron chicgo, us December 18, 2008

really good version I liked how he sang it. I have never heard this version. But it is wonderful song Reply

Brian Horwitz Perth, Western Australia December 13, 2008

Brilliant Most beautiful version of Ashrei that I have ever heard! Reply

Arjeh Lieo Gur Erlangen, Germany via July 13, 2008

ashrei pronounciation is for me difficult because I am sephardi. The melody is full of spirit. I am gabaj in a german jewish community and will try to use this melody. Thankful Reply

Miriam Lorincz Baltimore, MD June 20, 2008

Re: oi! Pronunciation is authentic Ashkenazi. Lovely to hear it easily roll off the tongues of old men from Eastern Europe. Reply

Anonymous Edmonton, Canada January 12, 2008

oi! pronounciation is funny Reply

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