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Discussion (16)
January 16, 2015
Pure joy!
San Diego
November 9, 2011
pure awsome
This melody and the other unique melodies of Chabad make me love it even more!
June 21, 2011
Your songs
Thank you so much for putting these songs out. I always know I can cruise the Chabad site when I need - anything.
Bayonne, NJ
April 24, 2011
Absolutely beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes.
Brett Hart
Dandenong, Vic, Australia
February 12, 2011
your web site
I love this site.
shalom moshe
woodlands, texas
January 15, 2011
Thank You
Thank you for posting this Nigun for Ashrei, it's the one we use at the Shul I attend. I've been looking for it online, love this melody.
January 10, 2011
The melody and harmony of this version of Ashrei when I heard it at a local Chabad House I was invited to was the push I needed when I decided to move from Reform to Orthodox. The spirituality I have been searching in my religion, I found it here.
Prof. Julio Aviv Manuel Martinez
June 23, 2010
Ashrei is one of my favorites I love singing it when I'm at Shul and hearing all the other men praising G-d!
January 2, 2010
beautiful music
I want to sing it but alas my second language was french and I seem to "lingua franca" everything. I shall keep trying however because I love the songs. They touch my heart.
Vacaville, CA
November 19, 2009
words-2nd part
Va-cha-see-de-cha y'-var-chu-cha
K'-vod mal-chut-cha yo-me-ru
Ug-vu-ro-t'cha y'-da-be-ru
L'ho-dee-ah liv-nei ha-ah-dam g'-vu-ro-tav
Uch-vod ha-dar mal-chu-to
Mal-chut'-cha mal-chut kol o-la-mim
U-mem-shal-te-cha b'-chol dor va-dor
So-mech A-do-nai l'-chol ha-nof-leem
V'zo-kef l'-chol hak-fu-fim
Ei-nei chol e-lei-cha y'-sa-be-ru
V'a-ta no-ten la-hem et och-lam b'-ee-to
Po-te-ach et ya-de-cha
U-mas-bi-a l-chol chai ra-tzon
Tza-deek A-do-nai b'-chol d'-ra-chav
V'-cha-seed b'-chol ma-a-sav
Ka-rov A-do-nai l'-chol kor-av
L'chol ah-sher yik-re-u-hu ve-e-met
R'-tzon y'-re-av ya-a-se
V'-et shav-a-tam yish-ma v'-yo-shi-em
Sho-mer A-do-nai et kol o-ha-vav
V'-et kol har-sha-im yash-mid
T'-hee-lat A-do-nai y'-da-ber pi
Vi-va-rech kol ba-sar shem kod-sho l'-o-lam va-ed
Va-a-nach-nu n'-va-rech Yah
Me-a-ta v''ad o-lam
Ha-le-lu-yah !
Dr. alfredo caraballo pellissier
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