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Nigun on Violin: 'Stav Ya Pitu'

A chasidic melody played by young Mordechai Zirkind


Nigun on Violin: 'Stav Ya Pitu': A chasidic melody played by young Mordechai Zirkind

Stav Ya Pitu

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Steve England July 18, 2016

I have to post again .. as this music is so beautiful to me and to my wife Today, early this morning, I lost a very good friend of 35 years .. and so she passed. I also learnt of another who took his own life only two days ago. Such depth of sorrow as I have never felt before, but the universe goes on and the birds sing and I am not afraid. I trust that my three children will learn of this and be fearless too. We all .. all of us transcend. Thank you Mordechai. Reply

Steve England July 18, 2016

yes, very beautiful Reply

shmulik August 20, 2014

very good Reply

Chavah Kwiatkowska Latvia July 3, 2014

Very beautiful music. Thank you, dear Mordechai! Reply

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