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G-dly vs. Animalistic: Is It a Fair Fight?

G-dly vs. Animalistic: Is It a Fair Fight?

Kinetic Parsha: Behaalotecha


G-dly vs. Animalistic: Is It a Fair Fight?: Kinetic Parsha: Behaalotecha

Animal Soul & G-dly Soul, Behaalotecha
Rabbi Baruch Epstein is a Chabad-Lubavitch emissary to Illinois, and serves as the rabbi of Congregation Bais Menachem. He and his wife, Chaya, are the proud parents of three daughters.
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Jenny Fla June 8, 2017

Thank you! Reply

Ari Australia September 29, 2014

This is gevaldik! This animation had me captivated. This such a creative way of getting through the powerful message it contains. Where can we see more? Reply

Anonymous June 3, 2014

What an incredible way of teaching Torah! Awesome!!! Reply

nechama LA June 3, 2014

wow Brilliant! Animations are amazing. Would love to see more from this animator Reply

Micah June 1, 2014

Wonderful! I think this has a very deep meaning and even thought I kind of knew this, watching this video lights up the world. Reply

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