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How fortunate are we! How goodly is our part! How pleasant is our destiny! How beautiful our inheritance! (Morning Prayers) All goodness comes from the part of G-d within us, all pleasure comes from our Jewish destiny. All beauty comes from the harmony between Jews and G-d, created by the Torah, our inheritance. This song was composed by the well known Chabad composer, Reb Aharon Charitonov.



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Avraham Friedman (stage name Fried) is perhaps the most popular Jewish musical entertainer. His music includes traditional Chassidic melodies as well as original compositions. His music is traditional yet modern, and tends to integrate many styles of popular music with Jewish lyrics and themes.
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Anonymous romania July 23, 2013

can somebody give me the chords for "ashreinu" please? Reply

Shemuel ben Avraam Moscow, Russia August 12, 2012

Ashreinu Very inspiring, enriching experience ! Reply

Orietta weinstein Charlotte, N.C. May 10, 2011

Beautiful Songs I love It Full of energy and Happiness PRAISEN HASHEM Reply

Anonymous June 12, 2009

"Be happy you're Jewish!!" Reply

Yehoshua Tel Aviv, Israel via January 10, 2008

Ashreinu - the song that touches your heart There is no one who sings Chabad songs more beautiful than Avraham Fried. This is a divine melody that warms every fiber in the Jewish soul. Reply

J Guggenheim FILLMORE, CA via November 15, 2007

Bh This song goes!!!
Praise be to G-d- Reply

Igor Dobrin Moscow, Russia August 26, 2007

Ashreinu is all me! With the Tzomo Tzomo song the Ashreinu is my favourite composition! Every day I listen some of Avraham Fried's songs and Ashreinu is alwais on first place. It has a such great power to be sameach that no other music has. To listen to Asreinu or to Tzomo Tzomo is as to pray with simcha! Reply

Levana Youdovitch Thornhill, Ont. July 4, 2007

Avrahm Fried and this cd! I just came back from this unbelievable trip to the Ohel, and I am still feeling the surreal experience! Avraham Fried is one of my favourite singers, and whenever I hear him, I appreciate the niggunim and chassidus a lot more! The Baal Shem Tov's Song, is one of my favourite albums!!! Reply

Shoshanna Knaipp March 7, 2007

Ashreinu The more I listen to this song the more I love! Really special! Thank you Reb Charitonov! Reply

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