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This triumphant tune is associated with the a Chassidic Rebbe’s self-sacrifice in saving the life of a fellow Jew. The story: It once happened that a Jew who had rented an inn from the local landlord had fallen behind in his payments and was jailed. The landlord announced that on a particular day this Jew was to be dressed in a bear costume and to compete in a dance contest. The Shpoler Zeide put his life on the line and secretly took the place of this unfortunate Jew. This is the song to which they danced.

Hupp Cossack!

Hupp Cossack!

© Copyright 2009, Sameach Music. Order this CD at
© Copyright Avraham Fried, All rights reserved.
Avraham Friedman (stage name Fried) is perhaps the most popular Jewish musical entertainer. His music includes traditional Chassidic melodies as well as original compositions. His music is traditional yet modern, and tends to integrate many styles of popular music with Jewish lyrics and themes.
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Chaim Weizmann October 26, 2016

Wow! That's amazing! Reply

Zalmy Australia May 12, 2013

inspirational it starts off slo-o-o-ow... then suddenly, it gets you all in the spirit!
You feel like jumping to the sky, and just dancing like crazy - just as chabad music should! Reply

David Cordoba Argentina January 9, 2013

music I love Avraham Fried's voice. Reply

DAVID GUZMAN mexicali b.c, mexico July 9, 2011


Luis Rivera Puerto Rico, Aguada July 3, 2011

hupp cossak hermosa la melodia Reply

Sonia buenos aires, argentina June 19, 2011

hupp cossak Hermosa melodía y gratificante muy linda!!! Reply

juan guayaquil, ecuador May 1, 2011

es hermosa melodia Reply

Beremis Carol baier Villanueva RAGANÇA PAULISTA, SAO PAULO BRASIL March 4, 2011

essen est zij good !!... magnific ! .... congratulations ! Reply

mendel benjaminson new bedford, MA January 9, 2011

chasid well being a lubavitcher is fun!!!!! Reply

Anonymous March 1, 2010

hasidim im not a hasid but i intend to become a lubavitcher soon Reply

Yaroslav Lugansk, Ukraine August 19, 2009

I'm proud this song originated in my country - in Ukraine Reply

Anonymous PUEBLA, MEXICO August 6, 2009

Hupp Cossack an excellent disc, i like it very much. i enjoy dancing with this kind of music. Reply

Fabien Ottawa, Canada June 7, 2009

this rocks The version by Avraham Fried is the best. Reply

Yerachmiel Tilles April 12, 2009

In response to L. Lippitz: On site there are five other versions, including live at a farbrengen. Hard to get more authentic than that. Just click on "hop Kosak" in the right column. Reply

L. Lippitz Skokie, IL March 6, 2009

Hupp Cossack Is there an acoustic version, with real klezmorim? That would feel so much more authentic.... Reply

Mordche Arbeitman Leiden, The Netherlands January 2, 2009

Very nice song It first reminds me of the murderous Cossack horsemen of the Russian Czars, who are responsible for the deaths of many Jewish individuals. But when the very lively middle part and last part play one after the other, I think of the Cossacks being utterly battered and lain by the Jewish Bolsheviks in the Russian civil war. Reply

Natan Toronto, ont. canada November 19, 2007

Huh! Didnt know you could listen to music on!! Reply

Chris Sawyer Chesterfield, Missouri November 1, 2007

NICE!!!!! Sweet song. Makes me dance every time. Chabad rocks!!! Reply

Yoseph Yitzchak August 4, 2007

Hupp Cossack! This song simply fills the soul with happiness and makes you want to get up and dance; in fact I usually end up doing so! (=D Reply

mendel Sarasota, FL January 29, 2007

VERY NICE verry very nice Reply

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