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Eating comes naturally; drinking and sleeping come naturally, but praying and studying Torah Seems to take much effort.... The Chassid, who invests sweat and tears in long hours of prayer and study, feels no satisfaction. Instead he yearns for the time when G-dliness and holiness will be as natural as eating and drinking, demanding no effort.

Essen Est Zich

Essen Est Zich

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Avraham Friedman (stage name Fried) is perhaps the most popular Jewish musical entertainer. His music includes traditional Chassidic melodies as well as original compositions. His music is traditional yet modern, and tends to integrate many styles of popular music with Jewish lyrics and themes.
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Rivka Leventhal palm beach gardens fl May 25, 2015

Sublime! How to elevate one's mood and feed the spirit, this is music that transports the soul to a resort of peace and spiritual bliss, may this song be played in every Jewish home when Messiah comes. Reply

Anonimo San Pedro Sula, Honduras October 12, 2014

Bellisimo! Reply

Anonymous Australia July 2, 2013

Essen Est Sich A song a shtetl a world - almost forgotten, but not yet - it is passed on to our kinderlach via cyper space Reply

david córdoba, argentinA November 21, 2012

nigun a good nigun Reply

Shmulik L. July 8, 2009

deluding ourselves We delude ourselves. In truth, the body is but a vessel for the Soul, the pure essence of G-dliness to accomplish its purpose in this world. Yet the soul constantly thirsts like a fire to unite with G-d. Yet due to the physical, nonsensical world, we are deluded into thinking we are physical and separate from G-d. This Niggun is true and beautiful. It represents a Chossid's desire to break free of the physical limitations and ultimately devote himself to the highest forms of Service. Beautiful. Reply

Clem Douglas Hillcrest-Brisbane, Queensland, Australia via September 11, 2007

Essen Est Sich As a 4 or 5 year old boy in Germany grandad used to sing this very same song, Essen Est Sich.
I was utterly surprised to hear this melody after more than 50 years again here in Australia. When I heard this song again tears started running down my eyes with joy. Reply

Anonymous brooklyn, New york December 19, 2006

This is such a true but sad song if you think into the words!
very nice song Reply

Anonymous Monticdello, NY July 7, 2006

Essen Est Zich This is the most beautiful medlody I have ever heard. As I am davening 24/7 about the matzah in Israel. I have been listening and watching Mabat on my Computer, (usually just have Arutz 7 on). But I was so shocked at the almost compltele void of modesty and anything, anything that would even look Jewish. I have been back since 96, but I was in such shock. Please pray that the religious in Israel would be able to put in certain words, certain behaviors that are religious, so that they could realize that it Judaism is not something to avoid at all cost. This song so expresses the pain, how it is so hard to need secular world acceptance than the love and acceptance of the Almighty.

I play all your songs, from Wednesday on from cooking for Shabbath to cleaning and then getting ready for Shabbath on Friday. I sing and cry for all of us with every song.

Be well, you and yours, please know your songs bring great joy and comfort to yidden everywhere. Reply

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