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With his flowing yellowish beard, Reb Shlome "Der Geller," a Chassidic teacher, cut a familiar pose as he walked the long distance from his hometown of Nevel to Lubavitch – the town where the Rebbe lived - humming this lively tune.

Reb Shlome's Nigun

Reb Shlome's Nigun

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Avraham Friedman (stage name Fried) is perhaps the most popular Jewish musical entertainer. His music includes traditional Chassidic melodies as well as original compositions. His music is traditional yet modern, and tends to integrate many styles of popular music with Jewish lyrics and themes.
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Yaffa Finelt Saint Johns September 14, 2015

Beaitiful music. As I missy family in Jerusalem, this uplifting music is soothing my heart. Thank you, Reply

E.S. westwood, nj April 17, 2011

family I take time to remember my grandparents and mom when listening to these songs.I miss them so much. Reply

miriam rochel oak park , michigan February 3, 2009

this song makes my soul burst with happiness Reply

cheli bigelman Tuson , AZ November 27, 2008

Just Wonderfull this song makes me so happy I love this song I heard this song a few times no matter how much times I hear it I still feel like its the such a great song Reply

Maria New York, NY July 14, 2008

Hashem brought me here! I feel so blessed! My mother's being hospitalized since Erev Shabbat with a cerebrovascular problem. After 3 grueling days and nights, I came home tonight for some rest. Logged into to hear the wonderful rendition of Shalom Aleichem before going to bed. It always soothes my soul. But today I still felt that I needed something more, some word of wisdom, or something to relieve the terrible pain and the horrific fear I'm feeling. The angel of the L-rd nudged me to click Avaham Fried, and then "Reb Shlome's Nigun", and "Karahod" afert that. My heart filled with joy! I then heard "Higoleh Nah", so beautiful, so deeply touching and moving that, even though I don't understand the words, I felt Hashem was talking to me and reassuring me that everything is alright. And now the pain, and heaviness, and oppression I felt between my chest and my backbone is gone. I feel at peace.

Thank you Chabad for bringing us this absolutely beautiful, lovely, and inspiring music! Reply

Ian Levenfus Dresden, Germany March 20, 2008

Wonderful! The song is wonderful! Makes the soul happy! Reply

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