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The name of this Torah portion means eight, which is extremely special and central in Judaism. Explore the significance and the many areas where this number is expressed throughout Jewish life.

The Miraculous Number Eight

The Miraculous Number Eight

Life Lessons from Parshat Shemini

Rabbi Yehoshua Gordon directed Chabad of the Valley in Tarzana, CA, until his passing in 2016.
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gideon raanana March 30, 2016

amen va amen Reply

Cindi B Los Angeles April 16, 2015

8 is my lucky # Reply

Gloria E. Schroeder Montana USA April 16, 2015

All the world strives to create the perfect peace plan between Muslims, Jews and Christians. BUT until a plan based on the only common factor of deep respect between all parties is acknowledge, there will be no peace. The only common factor is Moses. It will take courage in these modern times to walk away from a Civil Peace Plan, and uphold the Laws of Moses. Reply

Anonymous April 16, 2015

Does "Moshiach Tsidkenu" mean "Moshiach Our Righteousness" (as in Yirm 23:5,6) or "Our Righteous Messiah"? Reply

Tone London April 14, 2015

loved that joke haha Reply

Barry Wicksman Saipan March 22, 2014

Amen, great insight rabbi. As you pointed out we should not be overwhelmed by our mundane. We are connected by eight which is the reality of the spiritual. Reply

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