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Are You Blowing It on Rosh Hashanah?

Top Ten Reasons for Blowing the Shofar


Are You Blowing It on Rosh Hashanah?: Top Ten Reasons for Blowing the Shofar

A deeper look at the many reasons enumerated in the teachings of the Sages for shofar, and the underlying theme it conveys.
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Shofar, Rosh Hashanah

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Anonymous September 1, 2013

You truly are a holy people. You can't daven where the patriachs are buried and you're not looking to remove the symptoms but turn to the source who is Gd if I understand the Rabbi correctly. This is so Jewish. Only a Jew can be so totally with Gd in their hearts and minds, and (hence) so peaceful in their actions. Who is speaking like this? I'm a gher, but in moments like this I wonder if I can make it to ever be one of you, or if I even deserve it. Gd help me. Reply

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