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What makes you to feel joyful? Try these exercises.

Exercises to Increase Joyfulness

Exercises to Increase Joyfulness

Spiritual Development: Lesson 6


Exercises to Increase Joyfulness: Spiritual Development: Lesson 6

What makes you to feel joyful? Try these exercises.
Spiritual Development 6
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Joy; Happiness
Nomi Freeman is the daughter of the renowned Argentinian Kabbalist Professor Avraham Polichenco, of blessed memory. She is well known for her seminars on spirituality and Jewish mysticism. Mrs. Freeman has lectured extensively in Canada and abroad. Contact her here for lecture engagements.
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anonymous October 6, 2013

People unable to feel gratitude are functioning on the Reptilian Brain, and are on survival mode...therapy or the like should help move on... Reply

Anonymous New York September 22, 2013

increasing joy BS"D Powerful class! Thank you for reminding us HOW to be joyous. If we believe that our sins were wiped out on Yom Kippur we should feel joy, but sometimes we don't. At this time of Succot, after Yom Kippur , we are commanded to be joyous, so we can show ourselves and Hashem that we are confident that our sins were forgiven. It all hinges on joy. Reply

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