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How to trust in G‑d even in times of danger or challenge.

The Power of Bitachon (Trust in G‑d), Part 2

The Power of Bitachon (Trust in G‑d), Part 2

Spiritual Development: Lesson 4


The Power of Bitachon, Part 2: Spiritual Development: Lesson 4

How to trust in G‑d even in times of danger or challenge.
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Nomi Freeman is the daughter of the renowned Argentinian Kabbalist Professor Avraham Polichenco, of blessed memory. She is well known for her seminars on spirituality and Jewish mysticism. Mrs. Freeman has lectured extensively in Canada and abroad. Contact her here for lecture engagements.
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Mindy Goldis San Diego July 25, 2014

Thank You Thank you very much Nomi for your insights and ideas to help improve our Beetachon in Hashem.

Hashem has given you the means and talent to share with the rest of the world and you do it beautifully.

Todah Rabah!
May we all continue to increase our complete and everlasting Trust in The Creator of The World and we all merit to live and see Moshiach, speedily in our days and the rebuilding of the Beit HaMikdash! AMEN!! Reply

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