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The menorah is possibly the most popular Jewish symbol, yet there’s much confusion as to how it really looked.

The Design of the Temple Menorah

The Design of the Temple Menorah

Did the menorah have circular or straight branches?

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan is the founder and spiritual leader of Chabad Flamingo in Thornhill, Ontario, he also serves as a Chaplain of the York Regional Police Service.
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Discussion (3)
January 18, 2017
Almond tree ?
Would it be the branches, flowers, almonds it would be the shape of a tree?
October 18, 2015
RE: Design of the Temple Menorah - Video by Rabbi Mendel Kaplan
A picture is worth a thousand words. The video had a lot of words but needed more pictures. You should have had a photocopy reproduction of the actual Rampam drawing displayed . The actual Rambam branches were way out of whack on top. Would you have everybody believe the branches of the Menorah are uneven on top because that's the way the Rambam drew them?

I think you should have shown a photo of the Menorah coin minted by the last Chashmanoi King of Israel. That should be the most reliable research since he was the Kohen Gadol and was supposed to light the Menorah so who would know better what the menorah should look like? I called up the coin on internet and I can tell you the coin I got shows 7 branches in the shape of half circles growing out of a trunk that branches out at the base into three legs . If you question my description I can mail you the coin photo by post if you give me your house address. I have technical problems with sending material by e-mail.
Hersh Goldman
62 Essex Street, Swampscott, MA 01907
July 13, 2013
Am Yisrael Or Lagoyim
As a Goy from beautiful Costa Rica, please allow me to express my most sincere congratulations to for becoming a most appealing beacon of Light and Truth to guide us... Please allow us to manifest our utmost respect and appreciation for Rabbi Mendel Kaplan for sharing his wisdom.

Feeling most impressed about the concept of the cups of the angular Menorah pointing downwards, because this is the relation in which this Light comes... please let us know how does this relate to 'Am Yisrael Or Lagoyim', and how particularly it relates to us Goyim, and the openness to study Kabbalah ever since the Holy Ari, after XVI century of the common era...

Thank you, greetings from Costa Rica!
(Pura Vida)
Daniel Henry Thomas
Costa Rica
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