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Karlin Niggun

Karlin Niggun

"The Heart and the Wellspring" Ensemble


Karlin Niggun: "The Heart and the Wellspring" Ensemble

Music; Song
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fleischer February 25, 2017

The Heart and Wellspring Ensemble how do I hear the rest of that great concert???? Reply

Yossi LT July 1, 2015

RE: CN Very Nice Niggun, just wondering if its a Chabad niggun. i.e if chabad sings it Reply

A B bklyn via June 17, 2015

and the second song is a yearlong "dancing song" in the same locations... Reply

A B bklyn via June 17, 2015

it's one of the "hakofa nigunim" sung every year in all the karlin-Stoliner locations worldwide... Reply

CN January 26, 2015

re: niggun This niggun is from Karlin- possibly from Rabbi Aharon of Karlin. Reply

SK November 30, 2014

NIggun Is this a Lubavitcher Niggun? Reply

Marty Taub Fair Lawn November 20, 2014

The unquenchable spark of the G-dly soul -- expressed in an inspiring melody. Reply

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