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G‑d changes the name Sarai to Sarah. What influence do our names have on us? Can a change of name create a change in destiny?

A New Name

A New Name

Sarah’s Courage: Lesson 6


A New Name: Sarah’s Courage: Lesson 6

G‑d changes the name Sarai to Sarah. What influence do our names have on us? Can a change of name create a change in destiny?
6) Change of Name
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Sarah, Abraham, Lech-Lecha, Joshua, Names; Naming
Chana Weisberg is the editor of She lectures internationally on issues relating to women, relationships, meaning, self-esteem and the Jewish soul. She is the author of five popular books.
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Chana Port Huron September 20, 2014

Started going by my middle name, people began treating me differently The name my parents gave me is Celtic, means "King's fortress meadow," or "the meadow around the King's fortress." But they also gave me a middle name, which means "gracious" They chose a form from a European language, but it is the name Chana. My parents are both spiteful people, very critical of my choices. My mother had me convinced that I was ugly, my hair was horrid, I have the hated chin of her mother's mother, but otherwise I look too much like my father's mother, whose emotional distance she despised. My father never defended me. I was truly outside the King's fortress, attacked on all sides. Then I had traumatic changes from the disrespect. On social media, I put my first initial and middle name. New friends call me by my middle name, say I look like that. People always say I don't look like my first name. I also saw old pictures, and I have always been so beautiful. Not being conceited, my beauty is G-d's love, for I am filled with His grace. People now treat me graciously. Reply

Sarah Rivka :) Cincinnati, OH June 5, 2013

cool I was named after two of the matriarchs. Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma June 5, 2013

the Power of Names and Naming I believe, there's a massive change of consciousness on its way, because the experience of this, being extant and total, in one life, is going to affect the experiences of others, since Chai or life, is in our word chain itself, and a nuclear reaction begines somewhere. I am serious, and I believe as nuclear is to family, so it is, this, the Family of Man, is going to view this world in a very different way, soon. The change involves all names and naming, and the very words that are, our coin of the realm, our communication to each other. Yes, we do actualize the potentials within our names and the letters, in our very lives, and even a change in name will as ancients knew, have something to do with Destiny, but all names, all given names, are chosen at a deeper level, and we are all channeling the light. And all names and all naming is sacred, just as it was for Adam in given the task and the reasons these astoundingly long lineages are given Biblically has everything to do with this. Reply

Lisa Long Beach, CA June 4, 2013

discovering meaning of name I discovered the true meaning of my given last name just a few years ago. I believe it was divine providence because it appeared on my laptop and to this day, I don't know how that happen. My last name means "bright nobility". It shook me because I was suffering horribly. I definitely was not feeling bright and even worse, was definitely feeling opposite of nobility. I felt like I was having a Gideon moment. Had I known about this when I was young, maybe it would have change my whole outlook on life, I can't really say. Yet I know HaShem was reaching out to me when I discovered it and I'm pondering how I am to progress in this revelation. Reply

Anonymous USA May 30, 2013

A New Name Thank you Chana Weisberg for this video. It uplifted me. When I became an American citizen I change my name to the one I always wanted. Rut. When I was born it was not my parents who gave me the name I had, it was given by my siblings. I suffered much in my life. When I found out that I was a descendant of Sephardic Jews, I was even more determined to change my name. I hated the old name because what it represented to me. An alcoholic drink. Now I am more at peace with my self and believe that I am also on the right path. Hashem, blessed be He, is good to me. I always love your teachings. Reply

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