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Abraham was wise enough to recognize when his wife, Sarah, possessed a certain level of greatness that he did not.

When to Rely on Your Wife

When to Rely on Your Wife

Sarah’s Courage: Lesson 2

Chana Weisberg is the editor of She lectures internationally on issues relating to women, relationships, meaning, self-esteem and the Jewish soul. She is the author of five popular books.
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Anonymous Toronto May 3, 2013

Humanity started that way. Adam totally relied on his wife and unquestioningly ate the food she presented to him. Mankind learned that one cannot ALWAYS rely on another, even if it is ones wife. Thus the question remains, when indeed CAN one rely on his wife... Reply

Lisa Aubert Long Beach,CA May 3, 2013

Thanks again for this amazing learning experience. I do so look forward to more! Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn May 2, 2013

I feel the title should be always rely on your wife. Not as a question when to rely on your wife... Reply

Chana Weisberg May 2, 2013

Sara was a very great prophetess. In fact, her level of prophecy even superseded that of her husband, Abraham, who had his own strong and personal relationship and communication with G-d. If Sara was such a great prophetess, I guess you could consider her someone who mastered the secrets of Kabbalah.
Sara is the first one whom the Torah records to have lit Shabbat candles. In a future video we'll discuss this more and the special miracles that were present in her tent.
Re a personal angel, the truth is that we each form an angel every time we do a good deed.So, Sara must have had many personal angels. Sara, however, was on a level where she could actually communicate with her angel and tell it to do her special bidding. Reply

Anonymous Arizona, USA May 1, 2013

But of course, Abraham trusted G-d with all his heart and soul. This is the reason why what he did he did it wisely. He knew that Sarah would be safe with the help of the Almighty. I never knew the true story from the bible. Hashem has been kind and merciful to help me find the truth of His word. So many years in a distorted relation to G-ds Word. Thank you Chana Weisberg for your teachings. Reply

Gaby May 1, 2013

Very nice video! Thank you so much!! Reply

Anonymous May 1, 2013

The recitation of the verses appearing on the screen in typed form helped .
Great for people who are visually oriented in their learning .
The content was also spiritually uplifting.
Thank you Reply

Lisa Aubert Long Beach April 30, 2013

Could Sarah be considered a kabbalist? Is there more info about her personal angel? Reply

Lisa Aubert Long Beach April 30, 2013

Thank you this excellent presentation of Sarah. Questions I have are: How long was Sarah held in the Pharoah's harem? Was Chava/Eve also lighting Sabbath candles and was that how Sarah inherited Chava's beauty? Reply

Eugenia Fedoseyeva San Francisco April 25, 2013

Excellent! both in terms of content and presentation! Nowadays, we need more of this kind of programs Reply