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Two little stick men in a park discuss methods of staying connected to G‑d.



Stick Figure Vignette: Parshat Haazinu


Connection: Stick Figure Vignette: Parshat Haazinu

Two little stick men in a park discuss methods of staying connected to G‑d.

I really like this one. I like the way the animation turned out on the rope guy. He spins and turns very nicely. Good job, me.

When we were writing this one, DovBer and I had some trouble figuring out what we wanted to do with it. The rope metaphor seemed perfect, as it is very visual, and the message of connection seemed both simple and important. But the problem was figuring out a way of illustrating the rope’s effect without making that effect be restraining. We had a robot tethered to an electrical outlet, a man chained to a tree . . . all of them presented the rope as a limitation. So, we went for the easy way out—instead of showing what we meant like a cartoon should, we just had the guys say it. Hooray for lazy writing!

But a funny things happens when you listen to the same dialogue over and over again, frame by frame, and watch the same little dudes for several days straight. As I animated their conversation, it became their own, and I was just observing. And what I saw was a typical Jewish person: He’s got his own way of being actively involved in Judaism, but at the same time his Judaism is never entirely of his own making, because there’s always this rope tethering him to tradition, history, family and his Creator. No matter how much or how little his own interaction with Judaism is, there’s another facet of his connection that is beyond his control. So, yeah, when we want to run, that might feel restraining. But when we’re done running, it’s incredibly comforting to know that we’re still connected.


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ruth housman marshfield,ma November 4, 2013

For Shoshana It is a beautiful story but, I think there is more coming and that a messenger encourages people ti choose using ethical consciousness to help mive a story forward to the Promise but that this notion of sin and imperfection is a kind of screen because without people who create the bad we wouldn't have any way to do tikkun. So everyone is important even the bad, and that's a very difficult encounter, to get this profound. I am being mentored directly by The Source in a visible way. And I can prove this. So I know I did not write this Story and we are ALL channeling the light and we are ALL in this together. Abd paradox will lead us to the Western Wall. Reply

Shoshana Jerusalem November 4, 2013

Ruth Oct .2012 Dear Ruth,

Your question is a legitimate one. Try googling into "Rabbi Joshua ben Levi and the Prophet Ellijah" by Nissan Mindel. And you will have the answer. Reply

Moses Supposes somewhere in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean April 8, 2013

??? why doesn't he just climb up the rope or swing somewhere or ........ Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma October 2, 2012

attachments it's great to be aware of the harness rig, as in what is the Driving Force that is behind the scenes, and the seems in our lives. As in, the hidden face of G_d.

But I am asking of G_d a very serious question and that is, since YOU are the driving force, and since we are part of this, then why, why, this terrible cruelty in the world. Why?

And G_d says nothing back, to quote a Jakob Dylan song. The only answer I get is tikkun olam. But why do innocents have to suffer in providing this? I sometimes want to walk off the planet because it's just too painful to read about these things. What happened to the humane in human? That became, inhuman?

Yes, difficult questions, and I don't see any answers that make sense. So I go directly to the Source and say, we all should. Ask these questions. Unless we ask, we won't get a response? Maybe we're supposed to ask. Maybe it's about time.

This I do know, and that is, what I am recording daily also makes me afraid, because coincidence runs rampant Reply

Anonymous elgin, Il September 28, 2012

David & DovBer I loved watching the rope go around as if he was taking in the whole world and wanting everyone to be blessed the way he was being blessed Reply

Anonymous Penacook, NH September 28, 2012

Stick Figures in the Park Loved it! The way the guy on the rope came off sounding like he was so together, when in truth he was no better, he simply had a better tether! Reply

izzy September 28, 2012

Awesome! rock on! Reply

Anonymous Chicago IL. September 27, 2012

you guys have for sure been told this before, but i must say it too YOU GUYS ARE AWSOME. thank you for being here when i need some little stick figure inspiration Reply

David Houston, TX/USA September 27, 2012

Thank you Dovid & DovBer! I needed to watch this today. If it was truly lazy writing that got this message posted, then hooray for lazy writing! I like to think that you were inspired. The message is painfully simple; however, it is one that I foget all too often. Thank you and DevBer for reminding me of it. It means more than you know. Reply

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