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One stick man schmoozes with another stick man on an airplane. Lives are changed. How’s that for a blurb?



Stick Figure Vignette: Parshat Vayelech


Hidden: Stick Figure Vignette: Parshat Vayelech

One stick man schmoozes with another stick man on an airplane. Lives are changed. How’s that for a blurb?
Vayelech, Nitzavim-Vayelech

There’s an absurdity to the situation described in that verse and the verses leading up to it. G‑d ends up hiding, but only in response to our own disappearance. What we end up with is some confused game of hide-and-seek where both of us are hiding and nobody is seeking.

My four-year-old is no good at hide-and-seek. She finds the perfect place and sits there for two, maybe three minutes, and then, timidly, excitedly, calls for her seeker. Once, twice, louder and louder, until the oldest comes in the room and—shriek—the wanton joy of discovering and being discovered.

This is pertinent now as we enter into the days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Regardless of where G‑d or man has hidden the rest of the year, during these days we will find each other. And all we need to do is call out a little—just a peep, just an excitable little yelp. We’ve hidden all year behind our sofas and under our desks. Let’s be audacious now. Let’s peek out from beneath our beds—just a little—and call out. G‑d, too, longs for the joy of discovering and being discovered.


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Shmuel dovid June 8, 2017

I recommend this video to everyone Reply

Ruthie nyc September 27, 2012

When you look with your soul ... you can 'hear' things differently: perceive God through the hidden passageways, the bigness and the 'smallness' of your life. I was reminded of that short passage in psalm 51 when i saw this: "behold, the truth which you desire is in the concealed parts, and in the covered part is the wisdom which You teach me...

then i read the other day, concerning the social aspects of upholding the diginity of all people;
"Every human action contains the power to lift or destroy the human spirit. Even small changes awaken an appetite to heal fully & completely". And when i awaken, like jonah, i am convinced that even the secular world catches the wave of Light that reverbertes from the high holidays, because there is such a degree of synchronicity in the world that occurs as a result of this observance. (Just sharing a thought).

i really enjoy these 'toons & i love unpacking their wisdoms.

A good and sweet new year to everyone at chabad. Reply

the one from LA September 24, 2012

WOW dave, you certainly rock! Reply

Yael Brooklyn September 24, 2012

So funny! Reply

Moshe Eliazar Solon, Ohio September 21, 2012

Great message! Amazing how a short animation can drive home the point of such a immense concept. How are you able to create these cartoons? Is there a special animation program that you had to purchase? Reply

Anonymous jhb, south africa September 21, 2012

love it!! just brilliant! Reply

izzy September 21, 2012

thanks! Awesome! Reply

Yoel Leib September 21, 2012

I have to hand it to you guys. Excellent job with this series. I'm glad that you revived it a few weeks ago doing a new one on each week. The stick figure men are truly are adhering to the charge of the Alter Rebbe: "Live with the times!" Reply

Your #1 Fan - again! Pittsburgh September 19, 2012

Just beautiful Absurd and funny -- and startling and poignant. Thank you for putting such an immense idea - our relationship with G-d - into a humane, logically tangible and visually beautiful art-form. Reply

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