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Textual study of a discourse (or 'maamar') based on the verse (Isaiah 30:20) "...your Teacher shall no longer be concealed from you..." The discourse discusses the importance of action and its influence on personality.

Clothes for the Soul

Clothes for the Soul

Chasidic Discourse "V'Lo Yekanef Od Morecha" 5720

Rabbi Chay Amar, an internationally renowned and much sought after speaker, is the spiritual leader of Chabad of Golden Beach, FL. and is considered an expert on relationships, shidduchim, and the challenges of Jewish youth.
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Editor August 19, 2012

Unfortunately, the text of this discourse has never been translated. We provided the Hebrew text. For the English translation, you have to listen to Rabbi Amar as he translates. Reply

Anonymous forest hills , US Ny August 19, 2012

please include the source in english or a translation for shiur on clothes for the soul Reply

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