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Simple-to-follow instructions on the mitzvah of separating the “challah” portion from a batch of dough.

Do-It-Yourself Taking Challah

Do-It-Yourself Taking Challah

How to separate challah from dough

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Anonymous April 15, 2015

i have been taking challah for years but didn't know some of the things you taught.
it was beautifully done. video's can be so helpful. Reply

Sylvia Cohen Liverpool, U.K. via November 24, 2013

Very instructive but was unable to see the picture. Reply

Harry Briley Livermore CA November 10, 2012

Thank you for demonstrating this awesome priviledge. Numbers 15 does not give a weight and it appears that we would be taking challah constantly without some weight guide ... and yet, perhaps G-d wants our heartfelt thanksgiving whenever we use the flour from our "threshing floors". I doubt HaSHem would be upset if we gave more heartfelt thanks than what was required. :-) Reply

Anonymous November 9, 2012

The exact amount is 1.666 kilo Reply

sidney klein NY November 7, 2012

one question...what is the liquid you put into the flour. I don't believe it was mentioned Reply

Neil November 7, 2012

Brought back childhood memories! Reply

chana henya gittel bas shima bayla s fl November 7, 2012

thank you for a beautifully done presentation. Reply

Gabriel Akiva Golstein Buenos Aires November 7, 2012

Excellent how Shayna perform the explanation "how to do Chalah" as a home made!
Zay Guezunt!! Reply

Joan New York November 6, 2012

Thanks so very much for sharing this knowledge. I try to bake challah every week as do my four daughters, but not having come from an observant background, I never knew anything about these details that you shared. Knowledge is indeed power! I will now be able to fulfill the mitzvah. Thank you! Reply

Anonymous November 6, 2012

Halla, thank you so much, I am not Jewish but Judaism to me is a basis of all religions, respectfuly, Natalie Reply

Bubbie November 5, 2012

So much wonderful information. Looking forward to learning more. Reply

Linda Herron Tenn November 4, 2012

Love the show Reply