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In the myriad responsibilities of the daily grind, realize what most important to you and give it precedence.

Does Your Schedule Reflect Your Priorities?

Does Your Schedule Reflect Your Priorities?

A Taste of Text—Ki Tavo


Does Your Schedule Reflect Your Priorities?: A Taste of Text—Ki Tavo

In the myriad responsibilities of the daily grind, realize what most important to you and give it precedence.
Ki Tavo
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Ki Tavo, Priorities, Modeh Ani, Bikurim
Chana Weisberg is the editor of She lectures internationally on issues relating to women, relationships, meaning, self-esteem and the Jewish soul. She is the author of five popular books.
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Anonymous Seattle, WA December 7, 2017

My priorities were always very clear until my husband of 63 years passed away in August of 2017. Caring and support for him during his many years of illness and decline was my ultimate priority. He was the focus of my life and I had no time for myself. Now I have to shift my priority to myself and at my advanced age, this is a formidable task! Now my new priority is to reacquaint myself with my Jewish faith which has been sadly lacking in my life. Reply

chana weisberg Lakewood December 7, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

I wish you much strength and success and in your journey ahead! Reply

Justin Roth Staten Island, NY September 2, 2012

A delicious taste of text... Remember where you come from, you are who you are and just spending time with your loved ones. These are the most important things in life. These are the things in life that are most important to me.
The first two women who spoke said they are most concerned about their families. I can totally relate! Without my family, I am nothing and just being together with them is greater to me than all the gold and silver I could ever wish for.
Thank you Ms. Weisberg, for another inspiring address! Reply

Yael S, Manalapan N.J. , N.J. September 2, 2012

parshat ki tavo don't we address Ha'shem as living king, and not just YOU when we pray in the morning the moda ani ?? Reply

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