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No one is immune to feeling hurt when being admonished. Moses teaches us how to rebuke carefully and sensitively.

How to Give Rebuke

How to Give Rebuke

A Taste of Text—Devarim


How to Give Rebuke: A Taste of Text—Devarim

No one is immune to feeling hurt when being admonished. Moses teaches us how to rebuke carefully and sensitively.
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Criticism; Rebuke, Devarim
Chana Weisberg is the editor of She lectures internationally on issues relating to women, relationships, meaning, self-esteem and the Jewish soul. She is the author of five popular books.
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Mr. Marc 707N.Dorset Ave.B-09ventnor,njUSA June 26, 2014

Mrs. Chana Weisberg is a wealth of information and inspirtation. It makes me proud to be a Jew! Reply

Anonymous Leawood,ks September 5, 2013

GPS+ fancy directions apparently the fancy Gps of this area, has morphed into a simple hand-held one no voice,no li-ion [discharged batteries][AA-are at a store]I just put in lat/long-and follow this compass arrow.-And no book required,nor kid to figure it out.
Am reveiwing this video because it is super,good advice.!! Reply

Anonymous July 23, 2012

sorry I always sensed that Moses was very upset when he rebuked his stiff necked people. He was not afraid to show his frustration over and over again in Devarim. Devarim reads like a book of scowling and scorn.

Specifically Moses mentions many times how the behaviour of his people caused his not going to be allowed into Israel. And his tone of regret is palpable. I don't blame him.

The word rebuke itself connotes harshness. Discipline would be more understanding and less emotional harshness.

Moses even rebuked Hashem. If Hashem is going to destroy the Jews at Sinai, on account of the Golden Calf, Hashem could remove Moses name from Torah.

I rarely listen to the long audios but your topic is very very interesting, and you are one of the best to speak on the subject.

. Reply

Anonymous martinez, ca. July 22, 2012

Good and To The Point Lesson Showing empathy to the person doing the error possibly allows the person to admit their error, and which leaves the rebuker to wish they don't hurt themself again. This angle comes with love. Thank you, a good lesson. Reply

james cooley Kansas City, Kansas-usa July 22, 2012

insight/rebuke tremedious insight, I did not see/hear this at all! Reply

Malka Mintz July 22, 2012

video of class on rebuke Hello. You may remember me as I lived across the street on No. Meadow Cres.
Just wanted to say how lovely you look and how comforting your calmness is. Go from strength to strength.
Kol tuv Reply

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