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Raising Kids to Love Being Jewish

Practical tips for parents and grandparents


Raising Kids to Love Being Jewish: Practical tips for parents and grandparents

What are the most essential principles for transmitting a strong Jewish identity to our children and grandchildren? What changes can we implement in our homes that will really make a difference in the long run? Doron Kornbluth presents five simple rules from his book Raising Kids to Love Being Jewish.
Jewishness; Jewish Identity, Parenting; Parenthood, Education, Childhood; Children

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Yechezkel Goldfrad Bet Shemesh June 1, 2017

Great tips and speech Doron! Reply

Anonymous Long Beach California March 9, 2017

Love it. Reply

Leah G. Amler Charlotte, NC April 11, 2014

Thank you for your talk on Raising Kids to Love Being Jewish. Thank you so very much for these reminders and this great check list. Reply

Anonymous February 2, 2014

A memorable talk on children, is not hard to do

A memorable talk on children, that reminds us of how hard it is to be a child, is hard to do

I really enjoyed this, really really

May many generations of faithful Jewish children, emerge from the Wisdom that was shared in this talk Reply

Dr. Solomon Huriash October 16, 2013

To : Doron Kornbluth
Please email me. I would like to tell you about my project to get children to be proud being Jewish. Reply

Anonymous Southeastern PA September 10, 2013

Fantastic - but... I loved this. But what do you do if your family members are actively preventing their children and grandchildren from receiving a Jewish education? This is the greatest source of grief in my life. What do you do when they won't allow a child to have any Jewish education at all, and block any attempt to provide a Jewish experience for the child? Reply

James Brown Ellensburg, wa. July 4, 2012

love this Needs to be watched by Every parent Reply

Anonymous Wichita June 12, 2012

amazing talk wow that was one of the best and most important talks I've ever heard.... Reply