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Learning how to heal from emotional pain from the past is not just about feeling better. It’s about removing the one thing that most blocks us from living our true lives.

“You Ruined My Life!”

“You Ruined My Life!”

Getting Over Resentment

Rabbi Shais Taub is Creative Director at Jewish.TV. He is the author of G-d of Our Understanding: Jewish Spirituality and Recovery from Addiction. He and his family make their home in Pittsburgh, PA.
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Discussion (44)
December 1, 2013
After I have taken away the power from my tormentor (my brother) should I invite him to my child's wedding?
May 15, 2013
your book
Started reading your book: God of our understanding. It's brilliant. I love it, very clear. I am in AA & alanon. I hope you do some individual talks on the 12 steps for Jewish people. I already listened to most of Yisrael Pinson's talks , which are great. We need to refresh our prayer and meditation daily.
Lesly / Tzipora
Nova Scotia , Canada
May 13, 2013
Rabbi Taub. i didn't even finish listening to the lecture and stopped to write this long-long comment.

it is brilliant. just brilliant. for several years i listen to the lectures of the great Rabbis on the internet. 95% of them are very-very good. i heard many Rabbis, probably many dozens. you, Rabbi, stand alone. maybe it is not you, maybe this is just the topic of your lecture makes it great. in any case i propose you to move to Saint Louis. we have Chabad here, besides this is a baseball town, as you know. i would like to meet you and i would like you to be my Teacher. yes, i know - this is a wishful thinking and it will not happen. but i will also be happy if you continue to have more such lectures for many-many Jews.

this was you first lecture i heard. let me listen/watch some more and then we'll see if the offer to move to St. Louis still stands.

With great appreciation.
st. louis
March 6, 2013
The Author of my life
I love the story you share about the author of your life. The fact that I ran on self will for so many years ( and can still fall into a rut at times) see this to be true. Your talk really simplified a lot of things for me.Thank you.
nanaimo, canada
September 5, 2012
a life changer
Thank you Rabbi Taub. I have been struggling with recovery for a while, had therapy for PTSD, and your words are a gift to me. I totally agree that some therapy might be needed (previous comments), yet in the end resentment of deeds or events can only be escaped through giving the narrative of my life back to HaShem. Rabbi, thank you so much for contributing to my 'spiritual awakening'. And bless you for your book. Are there ever any retreats that you conduct? Thank you so much.
New London, CT
July 3, 2012
I am not Jewish but go to Hashem to ask when I need answers to questions.
I always get via an email, or videos like this one.
You are such a great speaker Rabbi,
Thank you and Hashem bless you and yours.
winnipeg, MB-Canada
July 2, 2012
To Anonymous, Monsey
I see you posted two separate comments. Allow me to answer both in one post.

1. When the resentment is at G-d, it is still a subtle form of idol worship. It is a form of SELF-worship because I think my way is better than His way. In other words, when I am angry at G-d, it means that I am imagining what reality would be like if I were G-d and I were running the show. In that case, I am the idol that I am worshipping. It's not healthy.

2. We close our eyes when we say Shema so that we can block out all distractions and contemplate pure Oneness. But we do not KEEP them closed! We open them and say "Baruch Shem K'vod Malchuso L'olam Vaed" which means that we should carry the Oneness of Shema INTO our perception of this busy and multifaceted world.

Thanks for the feedback.
Rabbi Shais Taub
June 30, 2012
great class
but it is funny how we cover our eyes and shut them while saying kriyas shema
June 30, 2012
resentment of G-d
Is it still idol worship if the resentment is at G-d?
June 12, 2012
You Ruined My Life video
Thanks for this wisdom so eloquently shared. I really need to smarten up as I am way too sensitive and I always forgive, but I don't forget as quickly as I should. I have overcome much in my life and I am learning from Rabbi's more and more how everything that has happened is allowed by Hashem and therefore I need to accept.

Blessings and Shalom to you
Thanks, Danielle
Deux Montagnes, Canada
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